Vivica Costume Bonus Mana Question?

Is Vivica normal with Costume Bonus the same mana as using Vivica with a costume?

So basically does a Lvl 17 Troop make her average speed on the normal version aswell?

Yes you get the bonus using either.

Base Viv also has mana shield which can help her mana, but yeah, they both charge at the same rate

Edit: just re read your question. The mana troop gives 11% at level 17, and costume gives 5%, which is a total of 16%. I think that is just short of 10 tiles, which is average speed, so while they are both same speed, I think you need level 23 plus costume to get to 10 tiles

Ok thanks for this. Yes it is very confusing finding out about these charge speeds.

For the costume bonus, yes you get 5% for both.

For the class bonus though, since Vivica is a Cleric and cVivica is a Sorcerer, you get either 2% for Vivica’s 19th node or 4% for cVivica’s 20th node.

So if you have her emblemed to 20 to cover both nodes, Vivica is at +7% base and cVivica is at 9% base. You will then need a level 23 mana troop for Vivica and level 17 for cVivica to get them to 20% and 10 tiles.

Edit : Without getting them to 19th and 20th node, you will need at level 28 troop (+15%) to get them to 10 tiles (average speed).

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Thanks for clearing this up.

This is great to know since I have CViv at +20 and my mana troops are at 15. Better upgrade my barracks and get those last 2 levels done!

Average heroes fill their mana in 10 favorable tiles. With the right mana troop level and mana bonus node to the talent tree, the hero can charge the mana in 9 tiles.

Slow heroes fill their mana in 12 favorable tiles and with the right mana troop and mana bonus from talent, they fill their mana in 11 tiles.

With that being said, I don’t think a slow hero, even with costume bonus, can fill mana in 10 tiles like an average hero, even if supported by a level 29 mana troop. Unless there are other heroes that favorably affect the mana generation of other heroes in the same team, i.e. Ariel, Khagan, etc.

It does with 20% so:

  • CB + mana 29
  • CB + mana 23 + 2% emblems
  • CB + mana 17 + 4% emblems

I dunno about that. All I know is that only very slow heroes can shave off 2 tiles with mana troop, first tile by supporting it with a level 1 mana troop, and the second tile, if such hero is supported by a level 29 mana troop. The rest, only once.

I don’t have a level 29 mana troop and a maxed slow hero with 5% costume bonus, much less emblemed. Can anyone confirm what @Artamiss is saying?

Just do the math :

12 * 0.8 = 9.6 rounded up to 10.

Actually it’s the other way around. 10 * 1.2 = 12 tiles

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Yep true cause it’s not reducing the mana needed but it’s fastening the mana you get.
Same conclusion although for a slow speed hero.

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