Vivica * 2

Is there any benefit in having two Vivica’s? If there is could you explain thei strategy of their use. I have all the Ascension items to take a 5* yellow hero to the 4th level. The only other five star level hero I have is Justice , and she is at the third Ascension. I’m curious as to how a more advanced and experienced player would approach this situation?

You’re probably unlikely to use them on the same team at the same time in most situations, except perhaps making it through hard levels where you might like two 5* healers, and could spread out their timing with mana pots. There’s maybe some argument for using them together in a titan team, but I think you’d likely have better options for stacking.

Aside from that, the obvious usage is War. For that, stopping at 3-70 or even 2-60 may be sufficient for adding some bench depth, depending on what else you have for your top 30-45 heroes.

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