Visual or glitch bug, shop bug, quest log bug, wrong card translations

Hello lady’s and gentlemen. I am playing this game quite some time now and I have been always confident that every bug will be fixed as soon as possible. But lately there are more and more bugs appearing and they don’t disapper, it’s just being more and more of them. This is sooo annoying! Please help and start fixing this issues, BEFORE releasing any new content in this game! @Petri

Here is a list of what bugs I am currently aware of:

This is a known issue but has not been fixed for weeks! It makes the gameplay very confusing, especially for new players. If you are not able to check how long some Buff or Debuff will last because you simply can’t see it - that’s terrible. Here is a link to a video I took during a fight which shows after something like 10 seconds this particular my bug, when my Jakal fires and no elemental debuff appears on Keilie:

There is also a problem with the quest log: sometimes (especially during events) it shows that there should be a new quest, but there isn’t. This visual (?) bug doesn’t disappear until the event will disappear from the quest log, no matter what I am doing.

The same problem now happens with the ingame shop. It shows to me that there should be a new special offer, so I went there and tapped onto it so that the annoying red number would disappear. It did not and will probably stay until the particularly offer has ended.

Last but not least there are so many card texts in the German version that are insanely poor translated. It seems somebody just used google translate or something similar to it (which works fine for every day business, but doesn’t for card descriptions which should be very specific and exact). It happens so many times that me and many other players have to change the language to English just to make sure what the text for the speciality of some heroes is saying. (For example the description of the elemental link from Onatel is wrong; it should say: “… Elementare Verbindung stellt bei allen Heilig-Helden für 6 Züge lang 4% Leben wieder her. …“ The currently used text is implicating that the healing should be increased by 4% for every yellow hero in the team, which is completely wrong because it is not; so please change it in the way I just wrote above.
The same mistake can be found on every HotM with an elemental healing link.

So - that’s everything I can remember right now. I am not angry but I really want to make sure these issues will disappear very soon, before any new content will be added to the game. Thank you.

for translation I tried to find a solution…

That’s an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing; I already went there and voted Yes. :grinning:

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I found another, really ugly translation mistake:

The German translation for the description of the Loot tickets says that “they are for repeating already completed world wars”…
please change this to “Für das sofortige Abschließen bereits erfolgreich beendeter Etappen“ immediately. Thank you! @Petri @Kerridoc

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Please search topics before creating new ones and each issue should have its own topic. Thanks!

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@Faeldin There is an official thread for translation suggestions. You can find it here:

Please follow the basic rules of the thread as outlined in the initial post (ex. Screenshots, translation suggestion, reason, etc).

As for the issues with incorrect counters - I agree they are annoying! That being said, bugs/issues are typically rated high, medium & low (or some version of that) and are corrected in that order. Since these are visual bugs, my guess is they are rated as low so are not top priority. The issues with buffs are likely more critical and we’ll be seeing a correction for them sooner.

SG announced several months ago that they will be doing 1 release per month. Unless there is a critical issue, all the corrected issues are bundled in these releases. This is why it sometimes takes a while to see a correction to non-critical bugs.

From personal experience (No, I don’t work for SG :smile:) I’ve seen rushed releases. They usually don’t go very well. Although this system doesn’t get the fixes out to the players immediately, it typically makes the releases smoother with less interruptions to game play.

Check out the translation thread. Hopefully you can give suggestions to get the card correct!

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