Visual mockup: Achievements + Achievement & Title Medley


I’ve played this game for a while, I’ve completed the story mode, I’ve robbed bajillions of hams from my fierce enemies, I’ve managed to build three working teams, and now I come to the forums to show off before the new season kicks in and my swag becomes less impressive. Behold my Stronghold!

Haha jk my SH looks the same as yours. And yours too. And my friend who just started playing.

And also I haven’t achieved any of those things cause I’m a scrub. And also why would I want to complete the story mode, I’d rather farm backpacks on 8-7, they give more satisfaction in the long run.

Okay I’m done, let’s be cereal now. I was supposed to work, but I need one hand free to hold up my eyelids so instead I took half an hour to play around. This is just a silly little mockup to visualize my idea of adding visual upgrades to the Stronghold as we progress through the game. It’s all just reused assets slapped on top of the image (I do have to get to actual work after all… gotta earn monie for these gemz, amirite?), but imagine if it was done nicely with some integral image in mind. Perhaps some updates to the building itself, making it look more fierce or magical. Shiny lights in the windows, tiny dragons everywhere, handsome wizards on the roof…

cough I mean.

What I mean is, achievements are addictive. Achievements that have visual representation make some people (like me) go starry eyed. They also add a TON of satisfaction to the player experience.

It’d be great if they could be also be displayed to other people (by badges, frames, portraits). But shoving your game screen into the friend’s face (or on the forums, for those who don’t have friends that share their obsession) to show off your Christmas Tree of a Stronghold would feel pretty ■■■■ swell as well :slight_smile:

Here’s a version with text. It’s all just quick ideas, of course!

Story mode

This is a lot of fun! and I liked your idea of some of the pretty stuff for our avatar portraits as well in your other (linked) thread.


I might poke around some badge/frame idea later too :slight_smile: Been kinda missing a chance to draw/PS something quick lately.

I think this game could really use an Achievements tab as well. Nothing out of the ordinary, they already kind of have it going with Missions, but a tab where you can view your completed goals/goal to aim for could be really fun. Yes, yes, I’m an achievement junkie :smiley: What can you do!

Some less ordinary achievements could include say:

  • [Did you expect loot or something?] Shoot down the dragon flying over your hamlet
  • [Dinnertime NOW] Shoot down the ducks flying over your hamlet in X seconds (idk how long it takes if someone puts their heart to it)
  • [Your Majesty] Make a person wave at you in your hamlet
  • [Kill it with Fire] Win a raid using only Red heroes
  • [On the Rocks] Win a raid using only Blue heroes
  • [Naturally] Win a raid using only Green heroes
  • [Shoulda Brought Your Sunglasses] Win a raid using only Yellow heroes
  • [Dark Side has them Cookies] Win a raid using only Purple heroes
  • [Attack of the Clones] Win the boss battle in any province using only 5 copies of the same hero
  • [Barbequeue] Have 300 heroes queued in one of your training camps


Okay, this is fun. SG make me your Achievement Specialist, I’ll work for gems!

On a serious note, the more of these I write down, the more it shows me how achievements could let players play the game their own silly ways and find different goals that would let them stay engaged for longer :slight_smile:

  • [Rainbow Tastes Sweet] Open 1 of each elemental chest
  • [The Bane in our Cards] Roll 10 Banes from the summons
  • [Been There, Done That, And That Too] Kill every type of titan
  • [For the Little Man] Level up fully 5 one star heroes
  • [Not the Sharpest Crayon in the Box] Ascend and level up fully a two star or better hero without getting one skill upgrade aside of the obligatory ascension ones
  • [Perfect Attendance] Log in every day for a whole year
  • [What if there Was a Secret?] Complete every stage of a challenge event on all difficulties
  • [Discount Buffet] Summon 100 heroes through the Daily Summon
  • [Do You Believe in Magic?] Open all 3 wanted chests in 5 minute timeframe
  • [Not. A second. Longer.] Spend 1 gem to finish the completion of a building
  • [Not Special at All] Accumulate 1000 Common Herbs
  • [Now Go Shave Your Beard] Acquire 6 of the final ascension items <rings, tonics, etc>
  • [Feeding Time] Have all hero slots filled
  • [No Surprises Please] Have over 1 million food and 1 million iron in storages
  • [Could it be?] Upgrade Stronghold to level 20
  • [Long Way Home] Upgrade Training Camp to level 20
  • [Free to Play… hahaha] Finish researching the Legendary Training
  • [Did You Even have to Click Things?] Have a 15+ combo on a board
  • [Oh Baby!] Win a raid vs an opponent with 300 or more team power more than you
  • [I Landlord] Create an alliance
  • [Come at Me Bro] Fully upgrade your watch tower
  • [Hey There Kitty] Attack 10 players with 200+ team power less than you
  • [Made Out Like a Bandit] Pilfer over 50k ham from a raid
  • [Gonna Need More Carts] Pilfer over 50k iron from a raid
  • [It’s Okay, I’ll Wait] Accumulate 10k gems and keep them over 10k for a month
  • [You What, Son?] Attack a titan with 5 heroes of its opposite color
  • [Miiine!!!] Deal the finishing blow on the titan
  • [There is No Other Cheek] Die in a titan battle in under 5 turns
  • [Last Man Standing] Win a raid with 1 hero remaining
  • [Easy Peasy] Win a raid with no hero over 100 hp
  • [Next!] Win a raid with not casualties
  • [From Zero to Hero] Defeat one titan from 1 to 7 stars
  • [And Beyond the Horizon… Mysteries] Defeat a 10* titan
  • [Deal With It] Acquire Every 3* + hero in the game
  • [Big Leagues] Defeat an opponent with 2200+ cups
  • [The Phone Thrower] Lose to an opponent with 300 team power less than you

Who doesn’t want to have a title to pick? Yet another way to show off! And easier to expand on widely than badges and frames :slight_smile:

  • The Prepared (have 5 of 3*, 4*, 5* heroes)
  • The Completionist (finish the story mode AND complete one full challenge mode on all difficulty levels)
  • The Experienced (finish the story mode)
  • The Hungry (acquire 3 upgrades to the hero slots amounts)
  • The Perfectionist (have 10 or more heroes and every present hero must be fully ascended and leveled up)
  • The Old (have Stronghold at level 20)
  • The Free (fully upgrade every building in the game)
  • The General (have 5 fully upgraded troops)
  • The Lucky (have all 12 heroes of the month)
  • The Titan Hunter (kill 100 titans)
  • The Leader (be a leader of your created alliance)
  • The Grinder (complete 1 level one hundred times)
  • The Impatient (use gems to skip building time on 20 buildings)
  • The Mercenary (become a member of 20 alliances)
  • The Loyal (stay in one alliance for 3 months)
  • The Builder (raise all buildings to level 10)
  • The Trainer (produce 100 heroes)
  • The Ham Monger (produce an absurd amount of ham)
  • The Iron Man (produce an absurd amount of iron)
  • The Hamster (fully upgrade all storage buildings)
  • The Smith (craft an absurd amount of battle items)
  • The Landlord (fully upgrade all houses)
  • The Raider (pilfer an absurd amount of resources)
  • The Bait Master (fully upgrade your watch tower)
  • The Powerful (build a team of over 3000 power)
  • The Magician (have every 4* & 5* hero in the game [aside of limited availability heroes])
  • The Vanquisher (defeat a 10* titan)

  • Greenhorn (achieve 500 trophies)
  • Scrappy (achieve 1000 trophies)
  • The Bandit (achieve 1500 trophies)
  • Warlord (achieve 2000 trophies)
  • The Legend (achieve 2500 trophies)

  • The Flame Binder (have 5 fully ascended 4* or better red heroes)
  • The Frost Baron (have 5 fully ascended 4* or better blue heroes)
  • The Wild Spirit (have 5 fully ascended 4* or better green heroes)
  • The Light Bringer (have 5 fully ascended 4* or better yellow heroes)
  • The Cookie Monster [jk], the Shadow Weaver (have 5 fully ascended 4* or better purple heroes)

Fun fun fun. I could go on, but I should get back to being productive lol. Cheers.


I like it! More diversion and meta goals for the people! :slight_smile:


Yea, I think having plenty of achievements of all sorts (from casual to hardcore) would allow all sorts of players to have some more goals to aim for in the game. And that’s always a good thing :slight_smile:

I remember when I was playing WoW with my friends we all loved chasing achievements, even if some were frustrating! Man those battlegrounds gymnastics :smiley: I remember them all fondly. In single player games like ANNO Achievements also help to keep interest in the game and help the players to find new ways to play or put fun limitations on the gameplay that players can take on their own pace.

Or take a silly game like the Cookie Clicker - the sole reason people play and enjoy it years after the initial release is to get achievements lol. And it’s the most boring game in the universe. But achievements give them some sort of a rush which makes it engaging and addictive.

All jokes and fun aside, I think implementing achievements is a win/win for a game like this. There are voices around of people saying they have nothing to do in the game. Achievements allow to bring in new excitement and goals for the player base without having to push out new difficult to make content weekly - that’s obviously not possible.

I don’t know how much implementing an achievement framework would take in the way of coding, I’m completely green when it comes to game guts, but I doubt it would be more difficult than building a challenge event :slight_smile: And the benefit here is that achievements can use all sorts of already available in-game content and data. Plus they would not mess up the balance of things. They can reward various amounts of gems much like missions do and suddenly there’s much more to do in the game!

Or it might be my personal achievement-love talking :scream:

Add to this more varied quests (and quest achievements! Duh. See? They just write themselves) and I’m gonna be here a year from now, too :slight_smile:

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I love this banner idea! steals :smile:

Btw, the best backpack haul is on 5-8.