Visual issue with Wu Kong's special ("miss" text)


I’ve noticed lately that when his special buff is active, I’ll send 3 tiles into an enemy and only get feedback for 1 or 2. Like, the first will say “200” damage, the 2nd will say “miss” and I won’t get anything else. Or the 1st will say “miss” and then no other info is given for the other 2, even though it was 3 vertical tiles into the same spot. There is definitely nothing else happening. This puts the misses for my Wu Kong well above the listed % on his card, I was wondering how to fix this issue?

What happens with wukong?
Wu Kong misses a lot more since a patch couple of weeks ago

To further clarify, I never see miss - hit - hit, once there is a miss, that combo dies. It’s like any troops after the first miss don’t even get rolled.


I don’t know what else to explain without a video


I think I have the same issue. If WU misses once, the 2nd or third attack is automatically a miss.


Seen this too, but don’t know if it’s just a display bug or actually affects the hits and damage done. Will have to keep my eyes open…


Ive had combos of 10 gems or so hit and only show 1 score before a miss, and then nothing anymore. More info (show me 9 misses!) or a fix would be nice!


Duh, lately my specials miss quite a lot, but i never notice something like this.

I’ll be carefull from now on and report too.



Ok. After some testing I can confirm this - after a tile miss, every following tiles (at least in that tile segment) will miss, without any notice. They will do 0 damage. I have only tested this on vertical tile segments, not horizontal. Right now, I’ve only tested segments of 3 tiles. With a tile segment, I mean a connected string of same color tiles.

After a tile in the segment misses, there is simply no more collision checks performed for the rest of that segment.

If tile 1 miss, so will tile 2 & tile 3. If tile 1 hits and tile 2 misses, tile 3 will miss.


A video here indeed would be helpful, you can upload it to video services such as YouTube.


I’ve noticed the same thing with my Wu Kong. I thought I had an ailment of less accurate but when I took an antidote same results


Ill agree. The accuracy tradeoff seems to be much higher than -32%. To the point where Wu’s special is the last one ill use.
Either way tho, when i do activate him, his damage buff with tiles, far out weighs the accuracy drop.


Ok, let’s try this…

What you see: Middle monster 1298 HP. Tile 1/3 hits for 126 damage, tile 2/3 misses, tile 3/3 doesn’t seem to get resolved at all. HP after hit(s): 1172 = 126 damage done.

I’ve repeated this and it has been consistent: after a tile misses, any (all) following tile(s) in same segment/combo seem to never get resolved.


I don’t know if this behaviour/mechanic somehow is intended, and a part of the -32 % accuracy. It would effect different playstyles/combos different, and the -32 % accuracy would just be an estimate based on generalized data, right?

In that (or any other) case, I don’t think it match the description on Wu Kong.


The missing 3rd strike does appear to not be registered.
It should be a hit or miss. By % it should be a hit. Thats def not right.


As I have nothing better to do (yes, I do), I did a quick research: the same graphical feedback - [shown: damage] [shown: miss] [nothing] - is apparent in a video from July (2017), so as far as what’s shown on screen, this isn’t something new.

I wonder if it’s actually ‘working as intended’ or if it’s broken. Hopefully we’ll get a clarification.


I have a video on my phone of this happening with the first of 3 tiles, then the other 2 are not resolved as stated above. If someone needs to see it, I can upload to YouTube, but that’s a bit of a pain if it’s just redundant information.

Reply here if someone wants me to upload that.


I’ve observed the same myself, and checked with damage figures on the mobs being hit. Horizontal strikes do not suffer the issue - each registers a hit or miss separately. But vertical strikes will not register after the first miss. It’s really easy to reproduce in game, I don’t expect the DEVS should need more than the video posted above as evidence. Play with Wu Kong for a few seconds after his power is activated and you can observe the issue.

So Wu Kong really does appear broken, and this badly affects his total damage output and his usefulness.

Will be interested to know if @Petri is taking this further?


Okay. I… Right. Right.

Did some tests with the ‘normal’ accuracy debuff, the effect with the eye symbol. I did this on province 20:4, the stage with only Fire Elementals, one kind of them giving you -21 % accuracy for 4 turns.

Same thing.

After a tile miss, following tiles doesn’t get resolved.

@Petri…? :wink:


I want to add something.

First: I’d say Wu Kong is worth it, whatever the actual figures are.

Secondly: As I think this mechanics has been a fact for a long time, maybe the importance of the issue is not relating to the actual accuracy percentage debuff. Wu Kong is worth bringing, and I think both players and developers would have notice Wu Kong’s special, and accuracy debuff effects overall, being severely broken.

I’m just speculating wildly here, ok? :slight_smile:

Could it be the developers have a set goal for the impact of, say Wu Kongs special, being N times general damage without Wu Kong in the team? As Wu’s special doesn’t only debuff accuracy, but buff attack, the outcome (and generalized damage output) might actually be exactly what the developers goal is.

The problem would then be that the mechanics is really weird, and doesn’t really correspond with the definition of Wu Kongs special, as understood by the most of us.

What I’m saying is that if the mechanics get ‘fixed’ - if this speculation is the case - so that each single tile get resolved (with a -32 accuracy), the developers might have to nerf the +185 % attack buff.

Okay. Right. I’m pulling these thoughts out of a hat (read: my ass), after a total of 3 hours sleep this night, so I hope I’m not totally making a fool (read: ass) of myself.

I’ll stop writing now.



As it is, we all know that Wu Kong give an outstanding boost whatever the contest is.
If he really gave much less that what he can really do right now, then it’s clear that if he is fixed he get nerfed right after, lol.

Soooo, leave it like that?
It’s much more easy and i fear something may change if you touch him.

We were good until now, ignorance is a blessing.