Visual glitch – Vivica ghost mode during War Attack or Raid

During war today, after a couple moves on the board, no specials had been used by either side but suddenly viv went into ghost mode

I carried on and although visually she was a ghost, tiles and specials continued to hit her as usual. I have full vid of the battle but can’t share it directly on here without going via YouTube

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I know it doesn’t affect gameplay but still can’t help but notice it throughout my raids

Almost invisible Vivica:
image image

It feels like Vivica has the ghost effect on.

I don’t experience this on my device (S8 Android 9), but I’ve noted this as an issue in my wife’s iPad when she plays there.

Don’t have the exact model of her iPad but she’s had it for more than 5 years. So this could be an issue specific to the performance of the device and the way the game loads graphics.

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