Visual from Gazelle's special effect not stopping after dead

Hi, I think there’s a bug with the visual from Gazelle’s special effect.

After she died the sprites from other heroes of my party should stop dancing. However, [as shown in the picture below] my heroes still dance around with music notes, although the mana cut and damage did occur to my heroes. I did check the [still] dancing heroes and they have no status effect shown, indicating the special effect has been removed after Gazelle had died. This is the second time I’ve seen this [didn’t take a picture then] but I’ve been using Gazelle a lot lately, so this may just well be a rare case.

I don’t think that Gazelles Special is supposed to STOP when she dies…

Her card says that they start dancing for four (4) turns.

The only thing it says about when she dies is that all allies lose their mana… Nothing about ending the dancing…

So for this reason, I believe it is working as intended… The “Dancing Spirit” acts as any other buff (like Boldtusk or Kiril) where the buff continues for the duration of the effect, regardless of if the caster stays alive or not…

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Thank you for your reply. The first time I saw this I also thought it was the continuing effect like you said. But it was actually a bit stranger.

Usually the visual should follow the effect (+100% attack reduce damage by 50%) but I have clicked on the sprite of my heroes when they were still dancing to check this. There was no status effect [sorry I forgot to take a picture of that, will try next time]. That’s why I think it was only a visual bug, not the problem with gameplay. The dancing animation didn’t stop after 4 turns also: it stays until the end of the match [I can’t remember how many turns more, but in total I’m quite sure the dancing stayed for more than 4 turns].

I will try to replicate the same situation again if possible and update with some more pictures/videos. Thank you.

Ahh see now that is different :stuck_out_tongue:

Your title post indicates that the issue is the effect itself continues rather than a visual bug related to the status Icon. Or at least how I interpretted it :stuck_out_tongue:

If it is just that the Icon stays, it is likely a visual bug :slight_smile:

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Yes sorry for the title. After years of learning, the English language somehow still eludes me.
It is I think a visual bug and probably beside some small confusions won’t be a problem for most players.

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