Visual: displaying of the player EXP on main screen


Hi there,
is it possible to move circle with player level from the exp progress bar? or just simply can you add percentage notiff there? few of our alliance players and myself of course just missed that point and lost titan fight energy points :slight_smile:

ps. sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue:


There is an indicator bar there


I think OP’s point is that the circle with the level overlaps the right end of the progress bar, obscuring whether you’re at 95% or 99%. If that circle were on the left of the bar, it would block the first few percent progress, which has no consequence.


I believe the bar ends before the level number and does not obscure it. Thatsbis always how I read it.
Also, once you’re at 90% or so you’re pretty aware that you’re getting close to a level and want to be careful to try and maximize the paltry levelling bonus. Thus, I dont see how one makes an accidenral level based on visuals. When you’re close, look at the numbers. Previously tbis was an issue when we only had %


yes, u r right

it’s not true, the circle as @Kerridoc mentioned above is far to right. Also if you are playing on hi lvl map ie. 21 to 23 the exp is rising very fast, add to that farming and exp task and believe me it’s easy to miss level watching all the time.

thank you folks for yours replies, Andy


I dunno. Mine seems to end before circle although it is hard to tell in the last 10k or so. But when close to a level. I always check frequently to maxomize my energynusage and numbers and much more important than inidcator bars for thar. Just today i went and farmed the 350 ex0 level and one in the 200s to get me to my last 5 energy and then it was on to 17-1.


I’m on board with having a numerical indicator.

New player here, but after leveling and wasting flags, I just simply started clicking on my avatar icon when my EXP bar is in what I call the ‘danger zone’.

The more I level, I start checking closer to the midpoint. I personally thought 650 EXP wasn’t much when I was in the single digits (7 I think or 8), but a single node in a +5 world map pushed me over.

I learned my lesson and haven’t had it happen since.


@Talisax I need to ask: are you playing on android or ios? maybe there is a problem… I’m a player on android by the way :sunglasses:



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