Visual Bug Sand Event

After activating the delays, they are displayed on the enemies, but they do not count down or disappear again.

Please Check :slight_smile:



Also seeing this - makes it a bit hard to calculate hits from the bosses.

Note that it will “reset” properly if another delay kicks in. So if you fire a two tiles and delay for 4 turns, run for 4 turns, and then fire another tile, it will reset to 2. But it won’t count down.

Also, once the enemies, mobs or bosses are hit for any of the hourglass or lamps to delay them, they stop their usual breathing animations. And even after the delay effect supposedly ended, they won’t come out of their suspended animation stance but can still do their attacks.

The next wave fixes this, but once am hourglass or lamp is triggered, it happens again.

Same visual bug noticed. Came to report too

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Thanks for posting, was about to do it. I noticed that when you initiate a specialist that hits the target, the ticker uodates.

Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this here!


The timer which shows how many turns is left untill an enemy can hit again after I pop an hourglass or a lantern isn’t working properly . It’s weird cos this wasn’t happening this morning.

That’s 4 consecutive turns since I tapped a lantern

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I think the same issue is already reported here:

Staff is checking it.


Once you match those tiles and delay the enemies, the attack counter for the enemies visuals will always stop at 2 turns. The enemies can still attack, but the turn counter will always be shown to be delayed at 2 turns
Tested it out even more, if an enemy boss that got delayed fires a skill, the counter visuals go back to normal


This is known bug Staff is aware and checking it.


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There was another post about this a while ago, kind of someone getting confused about how the delay worked with the sand empire event. All I can say is that the counters are obviously not working correctly as a UI element, even if the code is correct. I finished the event today, but rather than waste time I spend the gems on a continue for the last level (using a 3400 team on a suggested 4500+ quest BTW). Why the continue? Because WITH GREY SAND TIMERS on the all bosses showing them delayed, then suddenly they all blast my remaining heros with their special skills (which were, on my turn, greyed out). The only tip about the laps and the clocks is that they delay “ALL MOVES”.

Now I recall somewhere from last years event learning that when you hit an enemy with your hero’s special skill, it would reduce their delay (i.e., count as a turn with respect to the hit enemy), but this time around that is totally undocumented. You have sometimes the sand counter flashing, other times it is just there. The number seem meaningless both in regard to the enemy firing special against you, and sometimes it will be a delay grey sand counter at 2 or 1 but that enemy will just take a regular attack swip at you. It’s absurd! Why bother with rules for an event anyway?! Nobody cares, of course, becuase it’s sand event and (a) anyone who cares bout the 5* ascension mats has 5* team to kill them pretty easily without the delay gimick, (b) the sand hero’s are basically garbage, and (c) we’ve come to accept this kind of crummy nonsense throughout the game, when, for example, the attacker (the live human with a wallet) is always put at a disadvantage and encouraged to spend to win (e.g., gems to continue). But for goodness sakes, even a kindergartner knows that a countdown ends with 0.

Seemed to work as intended for me.

Yes, this is what I’m thinking as well.

However, the last stage of Advanced seems to be harder. The bosses hit hard and they have a lot of HP.

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yeah i feel there is a bug on delay timer and it is not working properly

Visual Bug Sand Event i think is related to this bug


If there’s a bug there’s a bug, should be reported even if it’s for an easy event :man_shrugging:t3::person_shrugging:

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Yup, so that’s exactly what I experienced. A bug fix would be nice, along with some restitution along the lines of how much gems have been cumulatively lost to continues for this type of “surprise attack” from the sleeping bosses. For me it was either spend the 75 gems, or kiss goodbye the 4 meteor attacks and misc health/mana pots I had already used to work the bosses down. And my time - because I am using underpowered teams always it takes way to long to play one of these levels, get to the boss by slow attrition of enemy soldiers and constant healing of heros - when the game isn’t fun then that time spent is a negative not a plus. I’ll tell you what I don’t think is fair compensation - a freakin’ energy flask. 'Cause, you know, at the absolute best, that a lottery ticket for titan loot on a titan that might have gotten away - loot that for the people who are affected by this bug is already pretty crappy and no way going to equal anything near even 2 meteor attacks. The expected loot from a 3* titan is basically maybe 1 good mana pot or dd item with sometimes a 1 star trainer thrown in the mix. But mark my words, I’ve played this long enough to know that when the bug fix comes out, expect the “apology” to include a world-energy flask. LOL.

And for the record, had my first event with this game been one of the ridiculous tower events or “negative stack” events where color stacking is penalized, I would have just moved along to find a better game. Sunk cost is one of the keys that SG uses to keep us playing, and that is exactly why spending the gems was something of a no-brainer.

Hi! I think I have the same bug, but when contacting support, I received a reply that no one but me reported this, so it can’t be a bug.

I even recorded a video to highlight what I mean: Sand Empire event bug? - YouTube

Hey @Petri - Any News for us?

It‘s a while since your last post.


What’s the latest on this bug? I’m experiencing this issue too. It’s been happening for the entire event time. Would be nice to have it fixed so we know when the bosses are going to attack again. Thanks!