Visual bug, new heroes in roster

Just been happening the last couple days I think. My roster shows the icon for a certain number of new heroes in the roster that does not match how many heroes I just pulled out of training camp. Sometimes, the number is higher than I actually have of free slots, so that’s when I first noticed it.

The screenshots below show an instance when I had just pulled a couple heroes (the two one stars at bottom of roster) out of training camps, but the number is showing at 10 new heroes.

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Do you play on multiple devices? If so, that’s a known bug since forever. Heroes not seen on this device (that you collected on the other) are still “new” even if you opened your roster on the other device.

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Nope. Just my phone (did get a new phone last week, but I’m only playing on it).

It’s also happening in the chat and quest tabs. If I close the app (or it goes to background because I’m here on the forum), and then come back to game, it’s showing I have a bunch of new messages in alliance chat or have new quests, etc, even when I don’t.

I don’t think it’s been happening ever since I got my new phone (over a week ago). It’s just been the last few days, so maybe since the most recent update?

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