]Visual bug] missing "new" for new quests

I dont know if this has been issued yet as i was very busy for the last 2 weeks to check, but a quick search and skimming thru the forum and nothing
Anyway recently all my new quests doesnt have the word new on them anymore, although am getting the number 1 for new quests

Device: Samsung with latest OS
Game is updated

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I just snagged this shot from my game:

So that text is missing for you?

This quest i got the “new”
But check this screenshot that i forgot to upload earlier

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Huh. Weird. I’ll definitely start watching on my end too. If this is a persistent problem, submit a support ticket and let me know, and I’ll make sure that staff know it’s happening.

Sure thing

I will try to record a video for each new quest, as maybe some quests get the new and some doesnt

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That is an interesting thought. I wonder if it’s just a bug affecting certain of the quest types.

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