Visual bug: double dodge

Whenever Margerets special is active and works, the dodge info shows up twice:

Not sure if this happens with other heroes like Inari as well? :thinking:

Dodge can also applie to status effect, so in this case the hero doge damage and Attack down status, as you see margaret got the attack down ailment, so no words on her, but the hero on her left didn’t…
if the other hero only dodged 1 from status efect or damage the only be 1 word…
So i guess it’s working as intended…


Hm… Interesting and somewhat logic theory - i will carefully watch, if you are right.
However, it looks strange to me and i did not realize it before. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Margaret can be fun to use. Pictures from the same raid.

First she made Elkanen double-dodging Seshat direct damage and her dispel, while she resist to dispel herself. (“schiva” is the italian for dodge). Few turns later she double-dogded Kingston too

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UI only bug:

With the latest version, when Margaret’s dodge works, the text “Dodge” is shown twice in quick succession so that they appear one over the other.

Seems to be a cosmetic bug

I have also experienced this.

Look here, please.

Dodges for direct damage and dodges for status ailments are separate, so multiple chances to dodge can appear on one opponents special.

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