Visual bug: dead Victor steals healing in Morlovia?

I just finished stage 20 in Normal mode of the Morlovia event. During the boss wave Victor hit Isarnia (none of the other bosses fired). Then he was killed but Isarnia still had the “x% of applied healing is stolen” status effect:

It was not an issue but for a second I thought I had made a huge mistake by firing MN when I saw Isarnia’s status effects. But dead heroes can’t steal healing, right? :laughing:

If I understand correctly, you killed Victor shortly afterwards in that same turn.

The status ailment for the vampirism RecoverSteal will still show for the remainder of that turn. It will only disappear the following turn – that’s when the game checks to see if the hero that applied that ailment is still alive or if the turn count has expired.

Why does the game check at the end of the turn? I’m assuming it’s got to do with very specific cases – such as Lady Loki or Snow White using their skills to cleanse ailments and increase their skill damage.

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Thanks, that makes sense. I just expected that the ailment would disappear when Victor died, but turns out it’s not like Onatel’s (when it’s explicitly said on the card that it is removed when the caster dies).

I understand how it can be used as an advantage when you have certain heroes. It’s kind of strange to have an ailment that does nothing, though. I had to double check whether I had made a mistake by firing my healer.

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