[Visual Bug as of 20190414] New quest notice

Hello everyone I’m fearing a nother server crash soon reason being the little number that pops up when a new quest is available doesn’t go away after opening last time that’s how it started first new quest then the shop did the same and after inventory also and a few hours later it went down
For now it’s just the quest that’s always showing a new one let’s hope it stays that way !!!

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That seems unlikely. The shop notification visual bug was unconnected with any server crashes.

My quest notification is showing the correct value at present. Has yours returned to normal?

My quest notification is stuck at 1 now too, even after entering all the quests currently available.

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Same here and connection is weaker than normal connecting takes longer than usual hopefully it holds up !!

As possibility could be that springvale starts 9am gmt time tomo, and the pre-timer usually starts 24hrs before it starts. But due to teltoc still being active and holding the slot on quests screens its unable to clear itself

No, have it, too since today.

All 3 quests completed except rare Teltoc.

The 1 stays durable.

It shouldn’t require completion to make it go away either. Just clicking on all the quests and seeing the intros should make the notification go away.

I still don’t think a server crash is imminent, but it does look like there’s another notification visual bug.

I’ve updated the title to make clear that it’s a visual bug and that it’s currently active.


Yes, I didn’t experience any server issues. The notifications usually disappear immediately after entering the matching quest.

But there are 2 quests, Teltoc and the monk trial at the moment. Guess that’s why it happens.

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Me too… it is annoying :frowning:


This has been an ongoing bug for quite some time now, and I know there was another thread discussing this. Yes, I open every Quest and finish the dialog. It’s hit and miss when the (1) won’t go away.

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