Visit each others kingdoms!


Hey guys I love your game so much!! Please let us visit each others kingdoms…it would help us all succeed in the game to see how our fellow alliance members set up their kingdoms!! Maybe while we are visiting we could help fight off some monsters too or something…


All kingdoms are the same except for where buildings are placed so I don’t think there is much to learn


Well, we could see which buildings were lvl’d up high, and which were ignored. That might be of some use to newer players who are still deciding what to level…


I agree!!! In a game called Vegas World, you are allowed to do that. It gives you the option to visit your friends or co-players home/apt. And it does give you incentive to up your game. That is, if you’re the competitive type - like I am.


Heh…now if only we could donate something to another’s kingdom…I’m dreaming here!


If you raided successfully you could burn their buildings and kill their people. Wouldn’t that be nice :slight_smile:


Arien, you slay me! I’m dying here! :laughing:


Just to remember pillage BEFORE you burn! :rofl: