Vision - this one I had not seen yet

It is not mine, but from an alliance colleague, new one for meimage

Mine does that daily but fixes itself straight away

This is because of internet connection. It happened to me, few times. Reset internet connections :smile:

I get this on occasion if the ad fails to load. Just wait a bit and the little x will go away and you can try again. I noticed that when a new batch of ads comes out they often skip to the end without playing. I have a decent phone and wifi connection and the ads were from places like facebook and other top end companies.

Exit game and reload, it goes away like 3 seconds after reboot.

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Same to me, need to restart the app

I get this issue often. Restarting app doesn’t fix it and waiting a few seconds doesn’t make it go away. I’ve reset my connection multiple times and have tried mobile data vs wireless internet and doesn’t fix it. I even shut down overnight and woke up to same red X. I’ve just given up on it.

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