Visible Ascension Upgrades


This is the last idea topic from me for a good while, promise :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing that everyone notices about this game is its visuals. It’s pretty, okay? You know it, I know it, we all know it. There’s just one thing that always seems to be missing for me and it’s a visual change when a character ascends.

You know, when they eat seven trucks of meat, take away your extra rare trap tools, and put on 3 new pairs of boots.

They disappear, there’s a flash of light and WHABAM! Here’s your new epic, polished hero. It just looks the same. When I started playing the game I was surprised by it and it left me feeling wanting something more, just a tiny thing really.

I know that making such assets is a LOT of work, so I’d never dare suggest it be a redraw of the entire armor/clothing or such. But how about just adding a little shine to them? I’ve slapped on some random Google images potions on my friend Cyprian here, gave him a shiny brim on the cloak, some ominous pattern on the armor, and a little shine to his pretty empty eyes. Oh, and sharpened his claws a little for a more fierce vibe. Such small changes would completely do it for me. Maybe make the armor darker on later ascensions, recolor the sword, tiny lazy changes like that.

Almost as lazy as my little mockup:


Would be useful in raids to tell how far ascended opponents are


But, don’t you look at that before clicking attack? :slight_smile:


I look and then I forget and I gotta try guessing judging by HP amounts, which I usually don’t know for heroes, so I’ve no clue :smiley:

But still I was thinking more just visual satisfaction here. Recognition of hero power would be a nice bonus :stuck_out_tongue:


You can, but would be quick and easy to do visually