Viselus – 5* Nature / Green - February 2023 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I used bera as well… But i use 5 axes to get rid of the minions… But otherwise… Easy going.

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How is he holding up? Running out of greens to level. I have Clarissa and Costume Finley to synergize the poison overheal.

I never thought he was good. When I think of average speed minion counters I think of skadi, grimble, and c.gormek and I think those three are all better in part because they hit all.

Add in a subpar hit (which kinda is made up for with DOT).

I wouldn’t plan to run those heroes together as I don’t want to overwrite each others position damage for a 2% heal


I think Finley’s poison hits all so would be 10% overheal on three heroes a turn for four turns if all enemies were alive. Sounds juicy to me?

he’s OK. I sometimes use him with Guan Yu to first punish minion summoners, then clear away the minions. My Green team is fairly shallow, so he trades places with Gregorion as needed…


But then you lose the poison one of them would apply? Maybe it helps with overlap between firing. Maybe it heals enough over those turns to make a difference.

It’s not the set up I’d run. And I don’t think he’s that great anyways.

I put him in the third quartile of HOTM


He’s okay. If you don’t have that Tortoise that removes all.

I used mine with a green healer in a 3-2.


The hero card now contains the latest balance update.