Viscaro – 5* Dark / Purple - January 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Can someone explain to me how the number for the fiends work & what it means?
Mine is barely at the beginning & provides so many random fiends numbers.

right off the top (before someone else mentioned it later in the thread), i knew this was Lion Roar. i respect the work he’s done for players starting out in the game, but i think he’s out to lunch on a bunch of heroes simply because they’re slow. it’s his inherent bias in how he views heroes simply because the current meta is fast, hit-all.

add anywhere from half to a full letter grade to his grades on slow heroes, especially with their increased viability from mana generating heroes like Xnolphod and Ludwig, and i think you’ll get a more accurate representation of the hero. i think slow heroes are viable even without them (i use slow heroes without X or Lud), but moreso if you do have them.

LRG’s most accurate grade, imo, was Salmon Loki. :joy:

The opponent HP is 2585.
The Fiend’s HP is 45% of it, but there is maximum, which is 1000.
So it gets 1000 HP Fiend ax 45% is above 1000.


My main raiding has Franz, Tree, and Luigi. I generally throw in Lord Loki or Hanitra or C Sabina depending on the defense, and either Xnol or Grimble for mana up again depending on the defense. I also agree that slow/vs heroes are very viable (even without mana boosters) but you have to look closely at the synergies with the other heroes and the type of defense you are facing - more passive defenses give you a lot more opportunity to build up your mana.

Lionroar has very specific criteria for grading his heroes, which may not align with how others would grade them. In this case I also think he is off the mark and Viscaro would sit at a solid B

Thank you so much for the information.
Now I understand better the random HP level of Viscaro fiends.

But this brings to new questions for you:

Does all fiends from different heroes like Hannah or Elizabeth works the same way, in regards of HP?

Also, is Viscaro Fiends 60% attack at every turn calculated based on his attack stats?

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Yes they do. All of the fiend makers do this.


I pulled two in the last underwild portal, I’m maxing the first and I never tried him, but I think he’s an okay hero, not as “standard” as devana but okay.
If you’re short on tabards I wouldn’t max him, if you have senan or other powerful slow/fiend creator I’d think twice before ascending him. If you’re short on purple and/or miss any other fiend creator (like me) he’s probably worth It.


Hard question, but if you have more from slayers Senan is perfect

Has anyone tried to level up 3 Viscaros and run them against a minion-heavy team like MN, C Krampus, Pengi, Frosth? I assume that 3 fiends will instantly wipe out the newly generated minion, and then proceed to do a combined 150/180 per turn damage. No amount of healing will be enough to remove them especially if you re-trigger the minion special.

I don’t know how powerful that would be in practice but it seems like an interesting thing to try out…


His passive should not trigger on the minions in the “minion war” as they are not summoned by heroes special skill but rather given by the game

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Yeah but his C+ means a decent hero that is useful, just not in every situation (which Viscaro is, I wouldn’t use him everywhere but against that Penguin with Metal Santa and Mother Cauldron, he would be killer). C on Anchor’s grades would mean utter garbage destined for SE or HA.

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Do you think it’s worth having 2 levelled up ? I’ve just got a second Viscaro…


Nobody it’s asking for that. At least I hope not.
My problem it’s consistent design, SG never had.
As a HOTM and slow Viscaro should have a ailment attached. But a weaker one. My problem it’s fiends all around the board without any logic. With others a little thinking was put in their specials.
Like VF heroes only with 2 turns while fast 3 and average 4.
Or more damage per poison, fire, water in VF with 2 turns.
Things like that.

Like Frida, Evelyn and Panther. The latter has in 210% fast. Frida 290% in average. But with the same thought overall.

Like Zenobia, Ratatoskr, Jott, and shield manipulation, it’s a big mess. Average and slow heroes, 4* and 5*, without consistency.

But people are used to, so nobody cares or even sees was a problem. In others game the design of abilities makes sense. We can put 5 heroes, of 5 colors in a row with the same mechanism for a specialty (increase attack with shields of X color, fiends, elemental debuff, and so on).

So, TLDR: Viscaro it’s just the recent one with the lack of thought.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Well, clearly, micro analysis is your thing & not mine… So will leave you with it & your emotions !

here is mine, went with defense>attack>health path


Sure you did komutan logar :slight_smile:

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are you an oracle?? :slight_smile:

Not agree. Senan is also slow and do not have aliment.

Senan also raises his own speed, gives himself health, has an innate ability that decreases all DoT in half and deals a considerably larger amount of damage. Viscaro is a cheaper version of Senan which makes him inferior in my opinion. Senan>Viscaro.


He has third innate ability?

If so, agree with you. If not, then Viscaro is more niche, but also good.

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