VIP Tiers - Rewards and incentives for supporters

Let me start off by saying that I have spent a lot on this game. Way more than any other and probably more than everything else combined. Im not making a complaint or a boast as most people seem to take it one way or another. I enjoy playing and I have been mostly comfortable with what I have spent.

However, I’m getting to a point where spending is almost past pointless. I have more 5* heroes than I will ever have the mats for. Hero pulls, unless Atlantis where I also get chests, is just expensive food. Because of the time it takes to get leveling materials, its just the same for me to train feeders.

I use to play another game that had VIP tiers. The more you spent, the higher you got with more bonuses as you climbed. I think that would be a good addition for this game. You could break it into 5 levels ranging from one to five stars (see what I did there). Keeping your VIP benefits would require you to keep a VIP membership. This would also encourage those who have fully built bases to keep VIP.

This is just an example of what I would do or would like to see.

1 Star VIP

2 - Builders
30 - Daily Gems
3 - Daily Loot Tickets
2 - Daily Summons
(same as it is now)

2 Star VIP

2 - Builders
40 - Daily diamonds
4 - Daily Loot Tickets
3 - Daily summons
5% off shop purchases
.5% increase for epic and legendary pulls

3 Star VIP

3 - Builders
50 - daily diamonds
5 - Daily Loot Tickets
3 - daily summons
1 - epic troop token
7% off shop purchases
.5% increase for epic and legendary pulls

4 Star VIP

3 - Builders
60 - daily diamonds
6 - Daily Loot Tickets
3 - daily summons
2 - epic troop token
10% off shop purchases
1% increase for epic and legendary pulls

5 Star VIP

3 - Builders
70 - daily diamonds
7 - Daily Loot Tickets
3 - daily summons
2 - epic troop token
10% off shop purchases
1% increase for epic and legendary pulls
1 - elemental chest a week


The thing I dont understand is the following.

You stated that you dont have the ascencion mats for your 5* hero army but starting with vip 2 you increase odds for 5* pull and only with vip 5 you increase odds for am.
This seems not really to help with your problem. :wink:

Another drawback might be that some people would complain even more if RNG didnt give them a nonfarmable am ( which doesent happen that often right now ) in the elemental chest they paid for.

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I’ve heard of some top players spending $10k USD and $20k USD each so unless it’s more than those I doubt you’ve spent the most lol

I doubt I spent the most. Im sure I would be classified as a “whale”, but probably far from a record holder.

Its not really how much I spent, but what I and others will spend in the future. E&P is a free to play game but it is not free to run. Im sure they are not hurting in any way currently, I just want to make sure it continues to be profitable and active. I want to make sure there is always a dev team adding to and maintaining the game.

The examples are not real personal requests. Just an idea. I may not need any 5*s but that doesn’t mean someone else needs a little extra luck. We have all seen people posting their rage quit after spending a lot for what they feel is nothing.

The Atlantis summons were a good idea with the added chests. Even if you didn’t get the hero you wanted, you still got needed items taking the sting out it a little. You pay a little more, but you get something. Id like to see that carried over to VIP to give reason for people to keep paying at least the $5 a month to keep their VIP status.

I agree spenders should get something back in return as these are the players that keep the company going that allow this type of game to have some many free players.
Without them these games wouldn’t exist so keep it up guys, I do thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I spend money but very little and as you said even that little bit I spend is getting lesser and lesser because there is no incentive to keep spending.

A Quick easy simple fair fix for this would be;
And this suggestion would actually bring light to new feature for the game as well.

But firstly give spenders a mat for every $100 or 200 spent or offer different star mats for each 100 spent so spend 150 get a 3* mat, spend 300$ get a 4* mat, something like that.


Create a mats summons like you have for the the heros throwing in some other crafted items in there and offer a token to that summons for every 100$ spent.

This would at the very least not only keep spenders happy but encourage many others to spend more.

These figures are only examples but I am sure the point is understood.


I think that “mat summon” is already in place, as Ascencion Material Chest in Atlantis Summon.

I’m just gueesing, since I have not gotten one myself, but it sounds like it is pretty much that.

There is also a War Chest, where, if you help you alliance to win more wars, you get better loot.

I have had a couple of those and loot is very decent, I would say better than most of -8* titans.

I just see the VIP section as an underused route to implement additions to the game as well as incentive for financial support. Maybe even incentivize the dev team to implement common requests.

Currently the VIP program has little to offer on someone who has been playing a while or has spent a lot. A second builder does nothing for a fully leveled map. The extra daily summons equals a pixel of XP gain. The Gems are OK, but the only true thing I look forward to today are the loot tickets. Its till worth the little cost, but its still “mehhh”.

What incentivize you to gain 5* VIP status?

The ability to trade\sell heroes? (This one is big for me as I am sitting on 80 5* heroes)
Additional matts?
XP Bonus?
Increased Pull Odds?

Just saying there is a lot to work with there and it seems a quick, easy and profitable as long as its just enough to encourage support and not too much where it breaks the game.

80 lol iv eaten double that

Lots of food there
About it

Feels to me most are looking for a short cut

Here’s some ideas for what I think would work for SG and players as VIP perks. The point is to award perks that need game play to be enjoyed. The one really good thing SG did with the VIP bundle was adding that 2nd builder. It really showed that SG was aware of that pain point for players and gave us a way around it. Unfortunately that perk has a diminishing return problem and will become useless eventually.

  1. Reduce the wait time on monster and raid chests.

  2. Speed up refill rates on World Energy and Raid flags.

  3. Extend the time limit on each titan hit to 2 minutes instead of 90 seconds.

Simply stuffing more stuff into the daily goody bag is a hollow gesture. And offering discounts on the game store might be cutting too much into SG’s finances. But offering an ongoing benefit would be enticing.

the more we spend the more we get? isn’t it that way now?

-i already get more ascension mats than my f2p and c2p teammates
-already get more and better heros
-already get more elemental chests
-already don’t need more builders
-i get good deals on the same stuff they offer in the shop by buying special gem offers when available

i agree VIP needs some kind of improvement for a player that has all buildings at level 20, but as far as special benefits you get the more you spend, i completely disagree.

Those kind of innovations have chased f2p and c2p players right out of other games and into this one. Let’s not chase them out of this one too.

Not trying to pick apart your thread, just hoping this encourages you to come up with different perks for all vip players and not just those that spend wads of cash. Vip should be vip, no different levels.

Just like regular spending doesnt put you in a special class with special guarantees outside of the “special offer” purchases which i already disagree with how those are put together…just my 2 cents for what it’s worth

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Its more of a long term interest.

Full Disclosure - I do have a personal concern/interest

Im sure they are doing well with funds from HOTM and events. So for the immediate future, I don’t see an issue. However, the fact is that games like this need revenue. I know first hand that advertisement revenue will not keep the lights on. If spending goes down (as it does even with the most poplar games like WarCraft), you will see more spending incentives if you like\want them or not.

As for personal gains, Im not really looking for any other than to secure what I have put in. I want to make sure this game stays online and that the money I have put into it doesn’t disappear with a pull of a plug. I don’t know how to be more straight forward than that. Oh yeah…and the game is fun.

Those are just examples of things that I know drive some players and spenders. Im just spitballing to see what others think. I in no way want to discourage f2p as I have a second account that is free as well.

SG is a small group that is raking in millions and have openly bragged about that fact. And with the constant money grabs they come out with, that wont change anytime soon. Alliance wars, season 2, new events, new quests, new heros, etc everything they have brought out this year has been geared towards turning a profit(it is a business so I’m not judging them for that although could pull back the reins a little and not make everything they add just rack up more spending).

They do need a shock factor feature though. Some kind of new game mode or somethin, somethin players dont see coming, not even beta testers(outsource it for once to avoid leaks)

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I have purchased several 30-day VIP passes and none have lasted 30 days. That’s normal? Where can I complain?

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