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I realized today it is possible to claim vip daily reward when your vip end and when you buy it ( it means u can claim vip reward 2x in same hour). I’m not sure if it should work like that.

As you can see i was able to claim vip reward twice in same hour.

@Petri can you follow this… thanks

I don’t see the issue. It sounds like you rebought VIP so you should get the rewards.


I agree. If you pay twice, you get the rewards twice. No issue there that I can see.

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It’s just a matter of timing. He will get rewards at the beginning of the 30th day of his current VIP but won’t get any at the end of the 30th day.

Well that’s point that i’ve got reward at the begining of vip and end of vip. If I would purchase vip before it ends i wouldn’t be able to get it.

For example, i bought my vip around 4am it means i should get reward at 4am everyday (with possibility to claim it later when i log on). Now I was at my last day and claimed reward (around 10am) then bought vip and claimed it again. So instead of haveing like 16h cooldown on it I was able to instantly claim it.

This has changed a few times, but it was back to this as of a few days ago.

The reality is that you get 31 days of VIP, not 30. That’s all. It all works out once you realize that. And yes, you get it twice in one day IF you let it expire, but you’re still paying substantially more than the 1 year deal.

Well it shouldn’t matter how long is your vip. The point is there should be still cooldown between end and start (24h i guess like it works normaly).

If I would had a day or two without vip before claiming reward it would be ok to get next one in same day cuz it was more than 24h since last time i was able to claim it (that i did it in 72h doesn’t matter).

But I’m active player so between my vips maybe passed like 6-8h so in my opinion i shouldn’t get that last reward or wait till next day for new reward.

Then it shouldn’t let you buy it until 24h after it expires. Except that would discourage you from buying it at all.

I really don’t see the issue here.

Imagine that there is 1 day vip and 3 days vip and 2 players (first buying 1 day vips and second buying 10 days vip). Ofc they buy them at same time etc etc. Lets see rewards.

First day - first reward for both

Second day - 2 daily rewards (end and begining) for guy with one guy vip and 1 daily reward for guy with 10 days vip.

Third day - 2 daily rewards (end and begining) for guy with one guy vip and 1 daily reward for guy with 10 days vip

Fourth day - 2 daily rewards (end and begining) for guy with one guy vip and one daily reward for guy with 10 days vip

Hope you get point there.

Interesting in theory, but since there is no 1-day VIP pass, it’s not really relevant.

I never said it’s big issue but it’s something which shouldn’t work like that.

So you’re petitioning SGG to take away the extra 30 gems+emblems+loot tickets that people who buy VIP passes and let them expire get?

Yeah, I can see how that won’t be too popular. Can’t you?

I belive there are few people which experienced that ( most of them buy vip before it expire) but ye, let’s make it fair :slight_smile:

So as a thought experiment, yours is flawed. Because you’re not taking into account that the person buying the one month repeatedly isn’t doubling their rewards. They’re getting an “extra” 3%.

That’s important.

Now take into account the price difference. Nominally you get 365 days for the price of 300 with the 1 year deal. If you manage the 30 day deal perfectly (renewing within minutes) then you get an “extra” 12 days. Except… you’re still behind 53 days compared to the cheaper offer.

And, finally, let’s go back to your thought experiment, simply because it’s easier to demonstrate. If I buy VIP of any length when do I receive the rewards? Immediately only? So then what exactly is it counting down for? Absolutely nothing, AND it creates confusion and customer dissatisfaction when it expires and you get nothing. If I get them when the counter expires then there’s no immediate reward, which discourages buying and creates dissatisfaction again.

As I said in my first post they have changed this several times, and they’re back to how it works now. They’ve done the same analysis and are apparently fine with it, because those wanting that massive extra 3% a month are paying them more.


Most of you failed to analyze it. In the last 24 hours of the monthly VIP, say 12pm from the time you bought VIP, it expires the following day at 12pm. Player claims it a few seconds before it expires and bought a new VIP. Thus, 2 VIP claims in just a matter of seconds on the same day. The first one was a claim of the previous VIP due yesterday but only claimed today while the second one is a claim for the new VIP activated today.

Seems like I won’t get any confirmation from staff. Fine.

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