VIP pass?!

Yesterday I was hearing about the VIP pass in the member who talked about it she was saying the Sheik got it and I wonder how this person got the VIP pass? It is because as spending money buying jems because I can bring receipts and I spent almost $100 in jems trying to get Zeline between three days I have spent almost $100,?
Can someone please explain why

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Since I started playing I had spent a lot of money by buying jems

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VIP Pass is one of many things being tested in Beta. It may have a slow roll-out from there, but to my knowledge, it has not gone into release yet. (I personally do not have the offer outside of Beta testing.)


I would have liked to have entered the beta but I had no luck:crying_cat_face:

It has begun rolling out now, people will get it at different times, depending on your device platform and region. A few started to receive updates last night and this morning, and the rest of us will be able to update over the next few days. The VIP pass is available to all, don’t worry.


Huh? I don’t understand.

I’ve had the VIP pass for at least six momths now, as have the rest of my alliance. Have other players not had the second builder, and the gems, and the increased chance of pulling 5* heroes? You’re joking, right?

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(Just kidding. (Mostly.))

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Got 1.10 and activated vip pass. Love the 2nd builder.


So jealous of you :sob:

Thanks for letting me know, I am a little bit release.

@Dulce you are conflating two things.

  • Beta test program is made up of those who volunteer to test changes pre-release. We get NO benefits on our production accounts. None. No free heroes, no free gems, no free VIP passes.
  • VIP program is live now, once you get the new update. Costs the same for all players.

Beta players get free VIP in beta so we could test features there. We do not get free VIP status in production. So there is no unfair benefit granted to me over you, and I had to,spend just as much as you did to get Zeline.

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I love the VIP pass and the extra builder is an awesome thing to have


I am trying out the pass and after 16 days I have found: The 2nd builder is great, the extra summons only doubles the disappointment of getting 1* heroes or troops, the loot ticket at face value looked like a good value but it uses your energy, so what’s the point you might as well play for practice, collecting the gems is fine but your chance of getting anything exceptional is still slim. I probably will not renew.

Hi there.
I’ve got a question pertaining to the vip pass…: I’ve started building two buildings that will take several days to finish but my vip pass will expire today. Will those two buildings still be built or will they stop whenever the vip pass is up? Thanks in advance.

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I found this post which explains the process


I can confirm it works that way. Building process is not interrupted if VIP pass expires when building is in progress.


Thanks so much guys :smiley:

Już nie akceptują… sama chciałam zostać testerem

Sorry for my English and sorry if someone already asked what I need…

If I have a 30days vip pass and I buy another before the first expires, what happens? The new 30days are added to the previous or restarts from 30 loosing the last ones remaining?

Se ho già un vip pass di 30 giorni e ne acquisto un altro, cosa succede? Riparte da 30 perdendo i giorni di pass rimanenti dal precedente oppure si aggiungono in coda?

No, it’ll just expand ViP for a month after the previous ends.

You don’t have to wait till the end of a ViP time to extend it.

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As @Olmor said, if you have, let’s say, 5 days left on your curent VIP pass and buy another 30 days of VIP, you’ll just have VIP for 35 days, nothing else changes.

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