Vip pass urgent

If you look at my purchase history, you will see that I had bought 2 different packages with the VIP PASS in them. Now when I bought the second my first VIP PASS was in play now it is about to expire and I was just making sure that my second one kicks in! Or I will do NO MORE purchases.
Thank you for your time,


Hi @Dottie, if you’re having issues with your account, you’ll need to contact Support.

The Forum is for player peer support, so no one here can help with account issues.

That said, when you buy VIP before your existing time expires, it normally extends the time. So if that didn’t happen you should definitely contact Support.


VIP passes are cumulative. Whenever you buy a VIP pass it just adds the corresponding number of days to your existing number of VIP pass days remaining. :slight_smile:


@Dottie, go to the “shop” in game. Take a look at the VIP, it should tell you exactly how many days you have left. If there is an issue follow the above instructions from Zephyr and open a ticket. Good luck!!


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