VIP pass question

OK, I have bought VIP pass and it is active 11 more days.
My question is, what will happened if I buy “Present from Rudolph (VIP pass + 400 gems)” - will it reset previous VIP pass and start 30 new days or it will continue counting, which mean that 30 days will be added to existing 11 days!?

It will add 30 days onto your existing VIP pass. So it will be like buying another month plus getting extras.

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Thanx, it’s as I’ve hopping it will be.

Rudolphs present still active for you?? Mine disappeared…

21 hour left… It will finish tomorrow at noon.

Acredito que não é acumulativo. Faltavam 6 dias para meu vip expirar, então aproveitei uma promoção e comprei outro vip de 30 dias. Os 6 restantes foram anulados.

Moderator translation

I believe it is not cumulative. There was 6 days left for my vip to expire, so I took advantage of a promotion and bought another 30 day vip. The remaining 6 were canceled.

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