VIP pass payouts

It seems that the VIP pass should be different if I pay 50$ instead of 5$, let’s be honest having out 50 bucks should at least get me 2 tickets a day etc etching… It just seems to me the daily payouts should have a little more meat on their bones for those willing to drop 50$ all at once. Don’t get me wrong I love the VIP pass, I get it all the time, but I really wanna get the 1year pass but the daily payouts is exactly the same same. Could we possibly make the daily payouts contain a lil better? Nothing drastic, it just seems as if no thought was put into variations between spending choices, and possibly throw something different in to the packages now and then… It’s been the same old VIP pass time and time again… Just a thought

The 1 year VIP gives you 12 months for the price of 10. That’s your bonus


can we get both plans?

Not simultaneously. If you have the monthly and buy a year, or vice versa, it extends the duration

I would like to see an incentive to buy the 365 Day VIP pass. I understand that it costs less than the monthly pass over the course of a year, but it would be great to see that package come with some extra goodies. Maybe free food and iron refills, or a bunch of epic summon tokens, or something. I’d pull the trigger on the purchase if you incentivized the one-time payment.

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From a marketing and conversion optimization standpoint, this would be smart for SG.

The price value over time is the only benefit of the year-long VIP right now, and given the second builder actually diminishes in value over time, there’s not much incentive to commit to a year.

This thread had a similar take to yours, but doesn’t seem to have gained momentum:

And a few other threads have lamented the diminishing value of the second builder, which is an intrinsic argument for increasing the value of the year-long pass.

I started compiling a list of those the other day here:


Same. Ten Dollars of saving is nice, but who knows if I will be playing in a year (my first monthly pass is about to end)

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