VIP PASS options (second builder... OR... ? )

Ooh, I love it.

Can we add crime? People come and steal from your warehouses and there’s nothing you can do about it? I think I’d love that.

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Lamest thing is having to rent these builders every month. Every other game I have played with builders you buy them one time and they are yours forever.

We already raid your tower don’t give them any more reason for stealing

I was always curious why the villagers never come out of my windmills now I know :flushed:

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Now, that’s just silly.

Friar Tuck is the lamest thing.

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You’re right. There is stealing in the game. And addiction.

What else could be added to slow our progress? Illness? Depression? Aging? (After 100 battles, Elena gets sick and dies.)

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Holy crap you mean we will need a morgue a retirement home and bus routes to get my old heros to rehabilitation centers my village dosnt gain that many gems to pay for this

And where do I put the cemetery I don’t have room for this

You need to build a cemetery. It takes maximum iron and 30 days of build time.

Once your cemetery is leveled all the way up to level 10, there is a 5% chance of resurrecting your hero, but at level zero. You’ll need to level, emblem, and limit break again.

Locust Swarm: lose 50% or 1M food, depending on which is the larger amount. But there is a bonus opportunity: for the low, low price of 500 gems, 10 Loot Tickets, and no Friars Tuck, you can buy Locust Repellent which lasts for up to 30 days! (The Locusts attack every 31 days.)

Building Inspector: every N days, the King sends an auditor out to check the structural integrity of all your buildings. Spoiler alert: 1 to 3 of your buildings will lack structural integrity. 90% of the time, you will need to spend time, food, and iron to Repair these buildings. 10% of the time, the building is condemned and you must rebuild it from scratch. The Building Inspector will “drop” rewards. They will be Friar Tuck. But there is a bonus opportunity! For the low, low price of one 5* hero’s Costume, you can purchase a Bribe, which you can give to the Inspector and he will pass all your buildings. However, your next six Mystic Visions will be for the Mafia game.

Athletic Contest: you will host a Tournament on your grounds. They will be invaded by Millwall supporters and/or Philadelphia Eagles fans and/or Spartak Moscow supporters. See “Building Inspector.” (If all three arrive simultaneously, all your buildings will be reduced to splinters and rubble, and you will contract an STD.) But there is a bonus opportunity! For the low, low price of Every Weapon In Your Arsenal, the athletic contest will be golf. The game will then go to sleep for four days. Be sure to opt out of Alliance War!

Anyway, I didn’t get picked to participate in Beta, but I’m confident SGG will reconsider now.

My vote goes for you to be accepted into beta

Could you imagine how many players would rage quit because of that :joy:

Yeah, perfect!

Maintenance! I finished Stronghold 25 a long time ago, and haven’t thought about it since. That’s not very realistic. As rulers, we totally ignore taxes, maintenance, crime, and social decay. I mean, why should the builders do what we tell them to do? Maybe they should unionize or organize a revolution. If you think about it, we make these people work so that we can conduct aggressive wars. We might get Che Guevara out there on the battlements.

There are lots of social support buildings that we don’t have on our bases. We have no hospitals. We have no grocery stores or restaurants. We lack sanitation infrastructure. We lack fire stations and police stations. We have schools (kind of, in the form of training centers and retraining centers) but most of what we build is a nightmarish and impersonal landscape of storage facilities. If I lived there, I might rebel. I mean, where do the workers even live? Cause they sure aren’t living inside the castle with me. I need my space.

Actually, I start most titan hits with these or bombs, so I think about them frequently.

(I know you meant “taxes”)

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Don’t play, I can see right through you. The useless builder would essentially become an extra villager for you to torture and nothing could please you more.


I just imagine this now… buikders helping to train heroes, a new hero: 0.5* lol

Dear devs ,

Whilst i really appreciate all the new events and seasons , i cant help but feel you’ve forgotten our strongholds.

I believe there are new buildings in the works longterm . Short-term would it be possible to unlock a few levels of stronghold to enable us all to atleast take all storage and production buildings (farms/mines) to advanced lvls. This may seem a small thing but everything in the game needs more and more iron and food to keep up .

I like a lot of ppl maintain my vip purchase , but my builders have set idol for over a year . The union wont let me lay them off . So id like to make use of them . Thank you @Petri

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Agreed. It would be nice to not be wiped out of food for days when doing certain things

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I’d be in favor of leveling my stronghold today even if the new advanced buildings aren’t available until November. I don’t really need so many time stops and tornadoes.