VIP PASS options (second builder... OR... ? )

Or how about an option which makes the flag regen time shorter? Say 25%… so 10 min becomes 7min. 60min for raid becomes 45min. 4hr for titan becomes 3hrs.
As a different option to a builder…?

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That’s a cool idea too!

The vip-pass becomes quite useless after you have build up your buildings. There for I suggest, that there could be an option to take another slot on either Hero Academy or Alchemy Lab instead of builder. This would make vip-pass for me and other players, who have all build up, worth to buy again.

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What we do after levelling everything including all advanced buildings to level 10

I m using VIP for the 900 Gems, 2 summons (get few 3* troops), 90 emblems & 90 Loot Tickets combo
the flexibility to convert anytime Hunter’s lodge, 2nd forge for urgent battle items production…

as Now, I have nothing left to build. Might not renew next month.

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For those who no longer need a second base builder , I would like to get an option where we could get other items in place of the second base builder. It is great for newer players but obsolete for veterans.

Could add event coins in that would be good for me lol

One few additions is adding in coins from different events and, from the current season

I don’t think something valuable like event coins is likely, but how about something like using the “2” builders [limit to use only when not building something] to rush production in a building? Make it some gem equivalent, say, enough to shave HA10 from 7 to 6 days, and lock them up for the duration.

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Agree they need to do something…. I have always purchased VIP but now that my base has been maxed out like forever, I no longer bother

Well yes of course it would be nice but it won’t happen, it’s already one of the best deals in the game for the gems and tickets, why would you need to make it better?

I don’t understand why anyone would spend £5 and not consider VIP. I haven’t used the 2nd builder in ages but it doesn’t mean it’s not already one of the best deals. Slightly less gems than the 200 for £1 thing but you get loot tickets too and emblems

Hi it makes 2 years nearly that my builder is touching himself near the river. Building a city seems to not be an objectiv anymore …

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I took me about year and a half with two builders to get everything at maxed level, now I guess I am in the same boat with you :upside_down_face:

Hopefully, we’ll get some information about new buildings in AMA next week (not that SGG promised new ones this year, in the previous AMA)


You can lend me your builder, I don’t have money for him (I don’t have VIP) but I can offer him free Tea and Biscuits - I am British, so I always have them in stock! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lend a builder ? I don’t mind. If that was possible.

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Yeah what about those dragons? Are they appearing in legends of kalevellalevalava?

Next update : Introducing Super adv Iron storage lvl 50. Every upgrade requires max iron and 30 days. At the end of this you’ll have much bigger iron storage. Why you asked? Absolutely no reason other than to keep you mutt occupied that’s why.

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There is no place in my village for people who don’t want to work. If a builder has nothing more to build, they can learn how to work in one of the windmills and increase ham production by 50%. Or they can work in the Alchemy Lab and speed up transmutation (or whatever those crazy scientists are doing there). Or they can participate in training heroes and help them to finish their training faster.
So many possibilities!