VIP PASS options (second builder... OR... ? )


For those who are getting close to maxing out their towns and have nothing left to upgrade, it would be nice to have an option to replace the second builder with something else…

Possibly more loot tickets? Maybe more gems? Maybe common materials that one easily runs out of, like backpacks?

Perhaps this could be something that the VIP member chooses depending on his or her needs. Whatever is chosen can be collected on a daily basis similar to how the current gems/loot tickets are collected.

Hmmm maybe atlantis tokens? Help out the low cost players a bit?

Good idea as I never bought the VIP pass due to the fact that I build all important buildings already to max. So so Need for a second builder for higher Levels. Could be a new source for EP to get Money…

Question! Don’t you lose the 2nd builder when the VIP pass runs out?

Why would they then swap it something more permant.

Yes u lose 2nd builder after vip runs out

I don’t need a second builder hence I did not buy the VIP pass.
Stronghold, watchtower, all farm, nearly all storages, two TCs all at Level 20. So why should I pay for VIP with a second builder? Just for gems, a pet Dragon and summons I just get low heroes from? Gems are intersting but those can be bought cheaper.
VIP not useful for the point I am currently at. So if they implement the “Option” button and I can get something really useful I would concider to buy the pass…

U can get 900 gems for less than 5 bucks?

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Not sure I understand.

It won’t be permanent. The options will only be options when the VIP pass is activated. Instead of a second builder, it’ll be something else.

So instead of 1 daily loot ticket, you may get 3 daily loot tickets if you decide to not use the second builder and choose “additional loot tickets” as your option.

@ThatGuy, sorry that I did not make clear what I exactly mean. You get the surplus of 900 gems over time (30 days) but usuallly I need gems short termed for e.g. an event summon. You are right. You don’t get 900 gems cheaper but I need them at once and not in a month.

Not sure where you come from but 400 gems cost me 8 bucks AU so please give me a link your gem shop and I will buy 10 of them.

@ronzmac , ok then that makes more sense. Cheers

30 gems from VIP for 30 days for $5…
Sure it’s nicer to get bigger amount of gems at once, but I don’t mind because I don’t do summons outside of events. And since I have VIP I’m more eager to spend some gems to speed up chests.

If you have 2 buildings being upgraded at the time VIP expires both will finish normally, and then only one builder will be available.

And one more thing - if you have monthly VIP wait for it to expire before byuing next one. You get last 30 gems at the moment VIP expires, and then when you buy it again you get another 30.

If you don’t need a second builder, then in this scenario, you could choose to get more gems on a daily basis. For example, instead of 30/day you can get like 40/day (made up #) and NOT have a second builder.

Yes through the VIP makes sense. I have a yearly one which gives you 10950 gems which is half the cost of 10,000 gems alone (value for money), slow but hey stops you from spending fast and on stuff you don’t really need.

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In Germany the 400 gems costs exactly the same as VIP.


Same thing in the USA

400 gems =4.99

1 month VIP Pass (900 gems) =4.99

The former is a waste of money in comparison to vip

Or how about an option which makes the flag regen time shorter? Say 25%… so 10 min becomes 7min. 60min for raid becomes 45min. 4hr for titan becomes 3hrs.
As a different option to a builder…?

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That’s a cool idea too!

The vip-pass becomes quite useless after you have build up your buildings. There for I suggest, that there could be an option to take another slot on either Hero Academy or Alchemy Lab instead of builder. This would make vip-pass for me and other players, who have all build up, worth to buy again.

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What we do after levelling everything including all advanced buildings to level 10

I m using VIP for the 900 Gems, 2 summons (get few 3* troops), 90 emblems & 90 Loot Tickets combo
the flexibility to convert anytime Hunter’s lodge, 2nd forge for urgent battle items production…

as Now, I have nothing left to build. Might not renew next month.

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