VIP pass not activated

I purchased the cyber week special VIP pass and it didnt activated yet…its been three days…

If you have an existing VIP running at that time of purchase, that new VIP bought is added to your current one.

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No…its the first one

I would check your payment statement (look for the receipt) to confirm that it was actually purchased… Alternatively you can check your base view and see if the offer is still there or not.

If it has shown up on your purchase statement but the offer is still there on your base screen, you need to contact support (#contact-support <- click for instructions).

If we were to advise further can you:

  1. screenshot your base (showing that the offer is gone due to being purchased) and
  2. screenshot your “gems” tab of the shop, as that will show if VIP is active or not.
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Didn’t activated yet

Are you certain that this purchase is for the Cyper VIP deal?

should say so in the “more information” on the purchase history (tap the little arrow).

If that is the case, then you need to contact support. We can’t solve individual stuff like this on the forum (we’re all just players for the most part).

The support team are the only ones equipped to investigate logs & correct stuff like this (e.g. refunding purchases).

Okay…understood… I will do that

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Instructions for Contacting Support can be found here: #contact-support

Or visually:

Helo, i can’t get vip pass, when another player reach level 10, it’s second time. What happens?

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