VIP Pass Loot - daily VIP summons accumulate/ stack? --> NO

It has to be daily…

Miss it and it’s gone.

Thanks Z, I was sure I didn’t lose out but sorry if I was wrong.

As for

That I know for a fact it is wrong as I continuously collect/store daily summons tokens from VIP and they accumulate in the inventory.

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Tokens accumulate. VIP summons do not.


You’re welcome!

VIP doesn’t give Summon Tokens at all, it only increases the free Daily Summon to include 2 draws instead of 1.

Summon Tokens are separate, and can be accumulated as you wish.

The Daily Summon must be collected before the next day, or it will be lost.


Not saying your wrong but I will get back to ya on that one as I have a few days of VIP DS stored but just to make sure it covers at least 2 days worth I will wait for this day’s VIP to pass and then vid the collection. But am certain in the past as I have had my stored tokens accumulated to over a 100 that when I collected them I got multiple double summons pulls from tokens which would suggest that daily Summon token to exist but hey I been been wrong before will stand proud to admit it if I am here also.

But I will test it out either way and get back to ya.

Check it but I’m certain that what you have stored are Grey Tokens. These are not daily summons.

Daily Summons (as Z said) are just in the Summons Portal as “free”… these “free” ones do not accumulate from day to day.

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You always have to collect the free Daily Summons before using any Summon Token, if it’s available.

If you have VIP active, that first Summon will be a double.

After that, you’ll use your Summon Tokens, and they’ll be singles each.

Some screenshots of all of that can be found here: [Photos] Daily Summons & Hoarding Tokens or how to tell when your next Free summons if you have tokens in inventory

The most salient is that the button itself will tell you it’s a double:

Also linking these for later research cross reference:


Daily Summons (as Z said) are just in the Summons Portal as “free”… these “free” ones do not accumulate from day to day.

They don’t as months ago I didn’t have a dark to level so all my tc wasn’t touched for about 3 weeks till I got one I didn’t bother collecting the free hero during that time.

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I am aware of what the buttons shows but as I stated I was certain that in the past when collecting stored tokens that I had more than the first pull giving me doubles thus the daily tokens.
So with that belief in mind and based on this topic and your comments I have been wrong for 2 years and thus lost an enormous amount of free daily token pulls in which case I need to correct that from here on.

So I am not doubting Z that you are correct nor do you need to justify your comments as I know your knowledge of this game far exceeds mine but as a 57 year old fart, hehehehehe I need to clear my mind of the possibility that you could be wrong (unlikely I know, lol) and also check that I am wrong thus I can tell dwell in my disappointment with peace of mind that I have lost so much over the last 2 years,lol.

Hope you can understand that, lol



Understood, mate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Zephyr1, I will make sure to read the content thoroughly next time.


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OK here is my result.

@zephyr1 you are 100% correct ( which I already expected anyhow’s, lol) and this means that from this point on I need to collect my free summons without fail.

Having said that though and now knowing this I do have a discrimpency with this being the way it is.

I can accept the free Daily summons to be forfeited if it isn’t collected as after all it is free.
As we are PAYING FOR THE THE VIP PASS it shouldn’t be forfeited if you don’t get to login or use it for some reason or another, after all I did pay for it so it should accumulate if not used.

I think this needs to be addressed as I/we are purchasing an item (a free summons) not a chance for an item thus that item should be there weather I use it or not.


To be fair, you are paying for a “Daily Collection” of the gems too… if you don’t log in daily & collect the gems, they also disappear…

It’s advertised as a daily thing and says when you go to buy it this is what is shown:

Things to note with this is that:

  1. It lists the items as “daily xyz” implying that it is only for a day…
  2. there is a warning beneat with the “Gems total” saying “if you collect every day.”

So you have the warning up front so as far as I’m concerned you are getting what you pay for… if you don’t collect then that be’s not SG issue…

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Yea ok, doesn’t mean I have to like it but, lol.



I think that VIP is meant to encourage daily logins, much like Path of Valor.

So the way I look at this:

…is that part of the price of VIP is your daily login.

It’s certainly reasonable to want that to work differently, but I think the price of VIP would be different if there were an option to collect without logging in every day.

I’ve seen other games handle that by having a small fee for collecting missed days — in this case, forfeiting a bit of your 30 gems could be one possibility that perhaps they’d consider, if you wanted to suggest that or a different change in #ideas-feature-requests

(Losing some gems for a missed day would certainly be nicer than losing all of them, plus everything else.)

Otherwise, I think you have the right idea with this:

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Does anyone know if you can save up your daily summons or do they expire?

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They expire… Better collect them every 23hrs you can have 1 extra summon during vip


Ok thank you for letting me know


To be clear you can save silver tokens, but not daily summons (either the first free one, or the second from VIP)

You can tell if those have accrued by going to the Summon gate, and then going into the daily Summon at the bottom. If the button says “Summon Free” the free one has accrued and you may as well Summon

But if it looks like this


Then you can keep that until you want to use it


Just save up all the tokens from monster, elemental, titan, war chest, rare quest and Mystic Tower for the coming POV.

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