VIP Pass hero summons

I would like to see the hero summons with the VIP pass reset at the same time every day as it does with the gems. I can’t always summon at the same time every day. I end up getting later and later and as a result lose summons.

You can reset it yourself by just waiting till the time you wanna pull the free summons and do it then. Even if reset like the gems if you forget to pull before the next reset you would still risk losing heroes

it’s 23 hours, kinda gives you 1 hour a day it’s not much of a window.

Well with the gems the timer resets so even if I’m an hour or so late it doesn’t matter. That’s all I’m asking for with the heroes. That the original time remain even if I don’t draw at that exact time.

The heroes do that too. Your next timer doesn’t start till you after you pull your free daily summons

Yes I know it resets when I pull. But with the VIP pass the gems keep the same time each day so I don’t have to pull at exactly the same time to keep the schedule. I think the hero pull should be the same.

Maybe I’m just not fully understanding what you mean.

Okay let me try to explain what I mean. When I buy theVIP pass I get gems and double the summons and the timer on both resets. The next day if I collect the gems at a different time it doesn’t matter because as soon as they are available the timer resets even if I haven’t collected the gems yet. However the summons doesn’t reset until I collect and as a result it gets later and later. So now I have to wait until the new time and usually end up loosing out on draws until the next day. And yes then the timer resets. I would like to see the summons reset the same as the gems.

Basicaly your request is the summon portal 2 draws to not reset the clock at the moment you make the pull but stay at the same timing as the gems you get from the dragon.

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I’d like to see somethin besides daily summons as part of vip personally

Even if it was 2 daily “pieces” towards a random 5* from any portal and it took 60 pieces for a summon, it would be more valuable than 2 silver tokens(already a feature in another game as well btw…so not like it’s impossible to do)


The only thing that is okay for VIP are the gems for C2P gamers.
All other ‘extra’s’ is something that is not needed anymore once you passed around level 35-40 or something like that

Agreed tho i still like the double builders. Or at least i would if the buildings were worth a :poop:

Right now i use 0 builders, 0 care for the 2 daily summons, and even the gem count is quite low. 3 summons for 5 bucks is less than you get by buying the cheap deals flat out without hoarding for a month

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Thank you. Basically yes, they both remain in sync and on the same 23 hour or even 24 hour clock.

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Agreed. I think there could be an improvement on several things in this game.

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Also getting a 3* Bane for example in an event draw sucks. Atlantic draw should produce an Atlantic hero. Special event draws should result in a hero of that event.

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