VIP Pass gem collection

@Petri I know the advertisment says “have to be picked up daily” BUT even if you are online daily you have nearly no chance collecting all the gems because there is a 24h cooldown between each time you can pick those up.
So you do not get the promised amount of gems.
Daily means that each day you can collect your gems. I would imagine a chest or whatever which i can open once a day, no matter what time of course.
Like in winter special offers. A daily pop up…
The Gems in this game are highly expensive so if we decide to buy those, we should at least be able to collect them all, without being online in the exact same second for the following 365 days! That’s ridiculous!


My timer did not reset to 24 hrs. it appears it is set to the time you orginally purchased vip. mine came up 22 hrs because i picked it up two hrs after the timer had counted down


Totally agree!
Daily means from 00:00 - 23:59 and not at a specific point of time. There is really zero chance to get all the bought gems.
The advertisement clearly says DAILY pick up and not pick up with a minimum of 24 hours delay! So this is really scamming the headline brings it to the point!

if it is linked to the actual time you purchased vip then it is stilll daily just varies player to player

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i purchased Vip at 5:12 am est and collected today at 7:00 est and my timer is at 20:07 hrs left at 9:05. so therefore it is not linked to collection time.


Okay that would actually be okay then. I will check that in the following collections. Thanks for the tip!

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your welcome. i verified it with my gmail receipt. Though it may vary from player to player everyone should have the opportunity to collect every single gem the devs say we should get

I have edited your title, since you are satisfied with Peanutz explanation.

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Thanks just wanted to change it myself. You have been quicker :smiley:

Edit the title better; I’m sorry I interrupted you. :wink:

I agree here. There should not be a 24 hour timer. The ability to collect ought to renew at a set time each day.

It is set to renew at the same time every day. :blush:


I can’t buy any gems. It says they are unavailable.what do i do?

Looks like a glitch.

Please contact Game Support as per this FAQ: