VIP pass changing

VIP pass more than 3 years - 30 gems if you online everyday, 3x RNG emblems if you online everyday, 2x builder (you must have enough resources or something to build) and 2x summon in standard gate if you are online everyday (WOOOOW!!!).
Maybe it’s time to change something? For example - my last building was completed in august 2020 (HA) so I am not use main part of this pass (in my opinion) and not have enough motivation to buy it again. How about changing exiting VIP pass or create new VIP pass with other available bonuses?

What ideas would you suggest for changing a vip pass? For example what would you or others think would go in place for the double builder you don’t want anymore?


I agree with the sentiment, but perhaps this is already catered for? Maybe just drop VIP and buy PoV instead?

@ArchiDevil if you can answer this:

I’ll be interested.

I’m all ears as well. I’m in the same boat…all buildings done for a long time.

Perhaps have 2 VIPs. Keep the original, but perhaps a 2nd one that consists of a monthly random of 30 emblems, 2 rare mats, and 2 random 3 or 4 star trainers. Everyone wins. Can be purchased monthly or annually, as is the original.

Vip is great early on… Iv bought a handful of times in stages mainly on offer I did skip the last two. If a second vip be brought up would it affect your player lvl or not. As one builder enough for me. If another package with different vip deals I could be more tempted.

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Well aren’t there already more than enough offers available? I am in the same boat, just have the last two stages of the Alchemy Lab left, so no need to buy VIP, but more budget for other offers.

For example - more odds in summon (+0.1% for legendary or epic hero) or ascend mats (if I will buy VIP and will online everydaty in the end you will get 3* or 4* item). Maybe VIP chest. Need something what I will use in any case and that will not be lost just like that despite the fact that I paid for it.

I am not talking about a permanent purchase, but about the privileges that you get with the purchase of a VIP. It seems to me that for more than three years it is obsolete (like many things in this game) and need to be changed/refreshed. Something other than new summons :slight_smile: 3x emblems - OK, 30 gems - OK, 2nd builder - can’t use it at this moment, 2x standard summon - no thanks. So I no need half of VIP.

In my opinion most of offers in this game not adequate :slight_smile: There are few really good offers, but most of them just a trash (monument of greed, P2W only).

I like! Give the option for a second builder or to run a 3rd concurrent process in Hero Academy for example.

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Fresh players still need a second builder. It should basically stay that way. And VIP is still interesting, even if you don’t need a second builder. But maybe an alternative could be offered as a choice.

It can be optional, it can be other type of VIP pass, it can be…
P.S. Will be very interesting to see how much new players have EaP for last months and how much from it reached level 11

Not for me at this time - more than 6 months w/o VIP. Do not want buying something what I will not use or will use only half of it. After price up for my country in november it even more actual than before

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