Vip pass and alliance war

I have two proposals:

  1. A second PASS VIP of energetic type, in the same way, (price and 30 gems per day) that has the effect of halving the charging time of the three energies; WORLDWIDE, RAID AND TITANI.
  2. CHANGE ALLIANCE WAR: instead of reviving the teams after all hours, deploy 3 defense teams to each user, knocked down one substitute the second, until the downing of the third.
    I hope you take these ideas into consideration.

Swapping the second builder, loot ticket, and extra daily summon for halved energy times? I could go for that =) I don’t they’ll lower titan time though because then the new titans would be the same as the old ones - still a little harder but nonetheless plenty of energy available to kill.

Personally I don’t think 3 defense teams would be enough. We get to attack with 6 teams, the defense should be 5 teams deep at least.

That would totally mess up titan battles. Top alliances will be only those that have all 30 members paying for the VIP pass. If we get rid of the Titans flags, maybe it will be a good idea. But generally I don;t like it.

For the AW sugeestion, maybe it would be interesting, but I’m not toalyy convinced it is a good idea. Good defense teams are more difficult to build than offense teams, and it will push the AW requirements to participate even higher.

Personally I’m not a big fan of either of your suggestions, but lets see what the others will say :slight_smile:

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I agree, but good defense teams shouldn’t be 3+ healers relying on revenge arrows for damage either. Having a requirement for more depth of defense would positively affect results of matching because people would need to rethink their approach.

I feel that would mean that only people paying for the pass would ever top score against a titan.

As a F2P player, I can still compete for the top score in my alliance through strategy and hard work. If other team members were regularly getting several more attacks than me, it would remove the competition.

I totally accept that people who pay can get heroes and items more quickly, but I enjoy the friendly rivalry in the alliance and this could spoil it.

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I think having more than 2 healers on defense teams is obsolete and brings your defense power down. Whenever I see 3 healers I know I will have a fiarly easy win, unless board gods don’t decide to mess with me :smiley:

It really depends on what level your alliance is on… Higher level with deep benches I agree. Most the folks in my alliance struggle against multiple healers because the bench strength just isn’t there.

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