VIP Pass (1.10) Questions & Discussion

Iron and food refill price will vary according to how much you need.

They vary on how big your storage is

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After 24 hours since purchasing the VIP Pass, I’m pleased with it! The benefits of it are worth the money spent. But not to sound greedy, I wish they could implement a 2x speed to build up the upgrades like camp, house etc.

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They have a speed up already, called gems. I don’t recommend it at this time. :wink:

(I use my gems for other things.) :slight_smile:


I’m aware regarding the gems to speed up the process & I do agree with you on that matter that it’s not the best way to use them. But what will be a good idea to implement as a part of the VIP Pass is to add a “2x speed” up bonus to build house, camp, etc. faster than usual. Even as a separate feature option with a price tag …At a fair amount I would consider it. :wink:

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Perhaps they might consider that down the line. Have you added this idea to the Shortlist thread? :slight_smile:

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I did not added to the short list yet! But thank you for your advice, I appreciate. :smile:

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I bought this and it seems like good value. I have a question about what happens to the second building project when the 30 days elapses. Say I’m building a level 20 stronghold and a level 19 watchtower on day 28. Does building just stop on one of the buildings at the end of day 30? If so, does the building that started later stop, or does the building with more time remaining stop? Thanks. I’m really enjoying the game and the Alliance.

PS. Also, does the pet dragon stay st the end of 30 days, or does it leave?

My guess is the two projects will finish, but you’ll only be able to start another after both ongoing projects are done.

I’m also guessing the dragon will fly the coop.

You can prepurchase the next month now.

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I inadvertently bought the vip for a year. I am curious what will happen in a month when I run out of things to upgrade. Seems like a very bad investment. Then it’s just gems and an extra token. They should increase the gems once the builders become useless.

I began with the 2nd builder being useless, but was good with the constant gem income. Almost half what is paid in the store.

wow, do you really have all buildings level 20??

There comes a point when upgrading a building is simply a waste of iron. Why would anyone need more than one Forge 20? Likewise, once you can build SH 20 and research and run TC20, there is simply no need to upgrade storage or houses. For that matter, taking mines above 15 is probably a waste of food.


I like Forges 20. :grin:

I’m not sure why anyone would have Houses at 20, but I’m sure someone would want to.

To each their own. :slight_smile:

All mine are at 12 and I sometimes even think that is too high.

For the gem reward/completionist ocd

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Still gathering data, but Wanted mission chest and Titan appear to reward food and iron based on your current max storage. So I am going to level all my iron storage to 20 since I can store food in elite and legendary training, but increased iron rewards would be nice. Then if the research pans out, I will level my food storage to 20 because who cannot use more food?

Personally, I hoard recruits in a single extra low cost traiing. When I want to spend a whole bunch for leveling a hero, having a high recruit storage makes transferring them from Training camp A to camps B & C much much easier.

I will also be leveling two forges to 20. I expect the game to add 6* heroes, and Stronghold 30, in the future so having a forge I can level and a forge I can use will be helpful.

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True except for endgame. I’m levelling everything in case we get new building or more levels of buildings with Season 2 fingers crossed


Yeah yeah! And coffee!

I want the dragon make me coffee.

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