VIP Pass (1.10) Questions & Discussion

It says in the notes, a vip pass will be added.
I was wondering the price of this.

Imma need that 2nd builder.

We asked in beta; the answer was approximately “we’re working on pricing for each country.”


Here it is:

So, $4.99 USD gives you a double builder, 30 gems daily for 30 days, and a bonus daily Summon.

$49.99 gives more of the same.


And a purple dragon! Oh boy! :crazy_face:


The dragons do the same thing. Just a gem collect.

Can we buy both and get 2 additional builders and dragon pets? I am still waiting for the android update duhhh

I’ve heard in Germany it’s about 5,49€ / 54,99€ which is more expensive (1€=1.227$).
All prices seems to be higher for Germany (Europe?) :frowning:

Something to do with VAT I think?

Europe has to pay it, USA doesn’t. It has been asked about on here in the past

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The VAT shows up in the purchase price Europeans see. A lot (most?) Americans also pay a sales tax, but it isn’t included in the price we see. Sales tax varies by state, so depending on where they live, Americans are paying different prices. There are a couple of states with no sales tax, but most have it. I think nowadays most states apply it to digital purchases.

I do think the VAT for most countries is higher than the highest American sales tax, though. And of course currency conversion changes constantly, so how much people from different countries pay compared to each other changes too.


No, you can buy either a monthly or 12-month pass.


When you buy a pass a timer starts. So I think that you can buy another pass at any time and it will just add that amount of time to your timer. I’m not confirming that though! :face_with_monocle:

So, is the VIP offer a one off? Can I purchase the month pass and then decide next month if I want it for another month? Or do I have to decide now if I will want it for the full year?

If anyone knows, I’m all ears!

You can purchase 30 days VIP passes in advance, multiple purchases of the VIP Pass extend the duration automatically (you can tap the question mark for more details).


Cool, thanks for the info

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correct - in the us you’ll see the tax applied when you get your receipt from itunes store. doesn’t show up in game.

I’m not sure if I understand what the pet dragon do or is used for?

Is there a possibility to buy the Dragon seperately in the future?

Nothing, just sits on your Stronghold looking after your free gems.
If you press his head he breathes fire.


How does the “second base builder” works & what can you do with it?

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