VIP - not getting daily emblem/double summon

I have purchased a VIP pass but I don’t get daily emblems

Did you upgrade to the latest game version? It should be 18.1.0.

If so, do you just not see one show up when you collect your daily loot from your dragon?

Please see the relevant patch notes:

  • Added Class Emblems to VIP, this feature will be turned on after the version is available for everyone.
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@CheTranqui They’re already turned on, I got mine earlier today. :slight_smile:


I just wonder, is it one of each class per day or one of random class per day or one per some rotating class order?

I got one, so it’s either one of a random (my guess), or perhaps one of each on order. The latter seems unlikely for this game.

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I am also not getting the xtra free summons with my VIP renewal pack…how can I reset to activate it…tks

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When you do your daily free Summons you’ll just get two at a time instead of one. There’s nothing special you need to do for it.

If you just signed up for VIP it’ll start with your next daily Summons.

You can see when that is in the Summon Gate screen:



This is my second month on VIP…it just seemed different…but will keep a eye on it.

Tks very much for response.



I know I almost missed seeing mine as it was flying away with all the loot tickets and gems. To check next time you claim your VIP items open and close your inventory first to clear the notifications. Then accept your VIP items. New emblems will register with a gold +1 the first time you reopen your inventory and look at the general tab.

Let us know!


Just for clarity, for the extra free summons you still only get to click the summon button once. it says 2x summon on the button. You should have 2 items on the claim screen, either heroes or troops.

If this is still not the case use the in game support feature (not the report a bug button) accessed through the options menu.


and I’m going to cheat. I know the second issue is off topic so I’ll just tweak the topic title… insert evil laughter here

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Yep…I checked…got 2 summons…Must have not noticed it before…I thought It was separate, same time as when u received the daily gems…but all OK now…

Thank you very much




I don’t get a daily emblem

Are you sure? Test it this way: before you open your VIP tomorrow, go to your inventory and check your GENERAL items. Then open your VIP and check inventory again. I bet you’ll see a +1 emblem.


Ok I will but I just sent something to support.

I saw the emblem today when I iopened my VIP. I saw the loot tix, gems, and emblem and that wasn’t happening until I reported yesterday. I could see all then when I clicked to collect.

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I haven’t always seen the emblem from the VIP reward display when I collected it, but I have still received it. I’m not sure if that’s a glitch or me just failing to catch it by blinking at the wrong time - not a big deal to chase down to me since I have received it properly.

Hey, I should’ve said earlier, I didn’t see them fly by, they look so similar to the gems! And of course in the inventory they’re hard to spot… All is good!

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Excellent, glad to hear you’re getting your Emblems, and thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

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