VIP needs more Perks

VIP maxed out with the 2nd builder becomes useless and I have heard others discuss this. However, not many people suggest new ideas on what VIP needs.

I would like to see something that could be more beneficial to the VIP holder…

My only other suggestions are to maybe slash the price on Gems for holding VIP. And possibly giving loyalty rewards for holding VIP for so long.

If you dont need second builder just buy only gems not VIP pass. Game is good now. Faster TC better chance for 5*? this will change this game in absolutely P2W. It make abbys between P2W and F2P bigger than now. Weekly AM? You can buy them many times in offerts.
This only my thinks.

Point is your paying for a service regardless. They are advertising with a 2nd base builder. Eventually that perk disappears when maxed. Perhaps it doesn’t need modified in a dramatic way, but there should be a little more liquid asset to justify the purchase. Free 2 play players also get loot tickets and summon tokens. So this basically gets balanced out and your paying for cheap gems when they come out with deals on gems/ascension items. I can honestly say I don’t disagree with you 100% that it’s pointless to have VIP. That was my point :slight_smile: some people like just supporting a good game. And i’m trying to find a reason to want to spend that $5/monthly fee.

Now, as you mentioned you can buy the ascension items in offers. Well yeah you can but if you ever looked at those offers its ridiculous your only gambling with around 600 gems to possibly get 2* ascension items. They could also fix this and remove the farm-able ascension mats to make it worth while to purchase these. But when you get 2 and you need 8 that is 2400 gems and that is if your 100% lucky. to ascend 1 hero. When your team has 5. How is that a major advantage to give out something weekly. Maybe in a year it might add up to an advantage. But with $50/ yearly it should be a little advantage should it not?

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I think the VIP package needs perks outside of gems and mats.

  1. Offer an avatar, background or pin that is exclusive to VIP members. Ideally a different one every quarter or so.
  2. Offer an increase to the maximum hero slots and/or team slots for as long as your VIP remains active. Say 25 hero slots and 2 team slots.

I actually like your idea even more @madmarv . This would help eliminate the frustration of the F2P community while giving us something worthwhile.


I really like both of these ideas. They provide extra convenience for VIP players without conferring any mechanical advantage.


New thought for VIP perk, but this time keeping in theme with the double builder. Give the VIP the option to switch among

  1. Double builder.
  2. Double food production.
  3. Double iron production.

At different stages of a base’s development each of these could become the most useful thing a base needs. Early on in the game, iron is the limiting resource and more of it would come in useful to cut down on the time it takes to build the next project. Eventually the bottle neck is building time where the double builder becomes the most valuable. In the late game when every building is maxed, double food becomes most useful because of all the food it take to level up heroes and troops.

Make it so that a player can only choose to change the double bonus once a day. For example when the player collects their daily gem and loot tickets.


Double food would be amazing right now! But I still wonder if the end-game players need food and iron. Seems like they have figured out how to bank enough to max their heroes quickly now that most of their roster is leveled. As I’m no where near that level I don’t know for sure. Maybe some will chime in. :blush:

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Would be nice to have building options early game as well instead of being forced to put certain buildings down. That has really never made sense to me.

How about making rhe VIP package have a choice attatched to it.
Keep the gems/ dragon / bonus token but then have a few choices… to appeal to all. Like:
1: extra builder
2: 5 atlantis coins or 5 random emblems or both per day
3: 25% decrease in flag clock countdown. Ie 3hrs between titan flags/ 45min between hero flags / 7 min between monster flags.

I have maxed my buildings and no longer buy the vip. Even with those 2 new buildings coming i doubt i will. But with a choice of above i probably would…
Whatcha think?

Of course I disagree with any mechanical advantage (such as ascmat, i.e. emblems), but I disagree even more with the idea of a “25% decrease in flag clock countdown”. It would be ridiculously unbalanced. 5% would be an overkill already.
In perspective, for a relatively high level account like mine, with 42 world energy, this would correspond to a free flask every 21h. It would also mean the possibility to do 10 raids instead of 8 in a 2h period after getting the chest, and a significant advantage on titans (7 flags instead of 5ish).

I see what you are saying but dont see why any of that is a bad thing. Unbalanced!!! Really… if i am willing to spend $ i can have a full lvled 5* team from lvl 1… i always find it funny how the unbalanced argument never includes the big spenders.

Also these are just ideas to help make them more money… even wirh 25% time decrease you still need to be able to get decent hits in. Still need to craft items for the hit. And even then the titans still only respawn every 23hrs. So take away the other 2 clock decreases (raid/monster) and just have the titan clock shrink. Nice incentive for smaller people to try bigger titans by get a few more hits in.

I am getting emblems now every now and then in chests/ quests, just like gems, so can see nothing wrong with adding that incentive to the package.

So what ideas do you have to make people who have maxed buildings buy the vip package?

A lvl 1 big spender would in fact not be able to have a maxed 5* line-up because the opportunities to acquire ascmat through spending are rare and in-between. In fact, were it not the case, I would not be playing this game.
But glossing over this, 5$ should not buy you 900 gems, 90 loot tickets and 30 basic summons PLUS the equivalent of 30 world energy flasks, 90 raid flasks and 10 alliance flasks a month.

However, madmarv’s proposed bonus avatar, or something like twice the amount of loot tickets if all your buildings sit at lvl 20 seem reasonable.

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Agree that the perks should only be for people that have all buildings on level 20.
We know this will changes sometime in 2019 as there will be new buildings added so from then on it will be back to ‘basic vip’ for everybody for some period.

Both proposed in opening post are fine idea’s that do not give players an advantage that cannot be overcome and is creating a bigger gap between f2p and p2p.
So sounds ballanced to me.

I will think this VIP is good as it is,
but more often I read so much about gap between P2W and F2P, and I think SGG is doing the best to keep the balance, each hypothetical group needs to cohesist with each other, but we should stop whining about this gap, even in the society at large, the ones who pay the bill have higher previleges : travel tickets, premium membership etc.

Now, who pays the bill to sustain the business here, I will say P2W, if SGG should be running this beautiful game only on F2P and without interusive adverts, then the business will run aground so fast. We should stop this gap issue, those who pay good money should have better privilege than those who don’t. I know this is slightly off topic and it has been a touchy issue, we should just lay it to rest particularly when we wait on freebies.

Loot tickets and bonus avatar would not make me take the vip special. Zero value in those.

Good news then, as of v19, there should be a small allotment of emblems with the VIP pass.

Cool. Now we are talking. . That would tempt me now.

I suggested that VIP could have an upgrade membership named VIP+ with an extra-mana option for an over-power ability. Check here and into its discussion.

Maybe 2nd VIP option.
A titan flask a day keeps the doctor away :wink:

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