VIP glitch

I have already filed a report

Timing of VIP award 6 hours late yesterday, 9 hours late today. Both yesterday and today it was also missing summons tokens.

Anyone having similar issues or other such?

VIP never comes with Summon Tokens, it just allows you to get two Summons at the same time when you collect your Daily Summons.

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I haven’t received any of my summons tokens for 2 days.
The first OR the second from the VIP.
Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same glitch, my summons tokens have always come at the same time as the other loot

And the timing of the daily summon and of the VIP rewards are not related.

The VIP rewards, 30 gems, 3 loot tickets and 1 emblem is on a 24h schedule where, no matter when you redeem it, the 24h start at the same time.
In example, if you bought the VIP offer at 15:00, it will always start at 15:00, no matter if you take it at 15:01 or 14:59.
As for the daily summon, the 23 hour timer starts when you redeem it

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There are never any Summons tokens, first or second.

You just get a free Summons on the Daily Summons once a day. If you have VIP, you get 2 Summons at that same time.

The timing of that also isn’t related to when you collect VIP, it’s based on when you collect the Daily Summons.

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Unfortunately, that has not been the case for me. This is why I asked has this been an issue for anyone else. First purchased it very early in the morning, now is received around 3pm… very different times.

And, I have received no daily summons in 2 days.

What does your timer on the bottom right say?

Just to be clear, as i am not 100% i understand what part of the VIP rewards you are receiving late :

Are you talking about the « dragon rewards » or the daily summon?

It’s very interesting…
While I posted here, a daily summons appeared. Seems a bit odd, the timing, that is

So, the gems, loot tickets used to come first thing in the morning. Now they come around 3pm

The daily summons also came in the morning, have not had it for 2 days until I received one set just a few moments ago

Strange then.
I had no such problem on my side.

You could try to send a request to the staff for them to look at your issue.
Hope it gets resolved

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