VIP expired 5 days too early

Hi, I bought VIP on 27/02/2018 for 30 days, then extended it on 18/03/2018 for the next 30 days. According to this, the package should be active for 60 days starting from 27/02/2018 to 27/04/2018, but the package has expired today (23/04/2018).

I am asking for help and explanation.


Thought It ended early - glad someone caught it

It was not difficult, I checked the dates of transfers

28 days in February (+2) and 31 in March (-1)

You should actually have until 28th not 27th.

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We can check our logs, please contact support. You can see the VIP counter by tapping Shop and VIP Pass.


Reported, thanks Petri

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Please report this to Game Support as noted above. :slight_smile:

All I get from them is that its not their problem. Tech support for this game sucks. Hate to say it but it is the truth :frowning:

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If you have logs showing when you purchased it, how can it not be their problem? I would pursue this with them…

It looks like the wrong response, obviously. You can reply to it, which should not create a new ticket:

“You response does not address my concern, which is X. Please correct this.”

So… did you restart the game? LOL

I work in IT. Any such canned reply unrelated to the actual issue, even worse low-key trying to redirect you toward Google or Apple is not only lazy it’s unprofessional.

I am 100% convinced that they didn’t even read your problem.

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Since it’s a purchase issue, i guess they take a look at it.

If you have any proof (aka screenshots/mail) that confirm this error, send it via support.

My posts were wrong. I am losing my mind and my memory. I just wanted to make a public apology.


I’m on my 2nd monthly VIP Pass and it looks like it’s going to end early … Again. My dragon says I have less than 24 hours. The VIP Pass itself says I have more than 2 days left. How do I contact someone to report this and get the other days added? I have screenshots but because I’m new here it’ll only let me post one of the two

@Jdotkay You can submit an official request here.

I think they changed it so that the bonus dragon skin is only available to people who have more than a set time left on their VIP pass.

Also the timer under the dragon is a count-down until the gem collection is next available.

Check the release notes here:

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