VIP didn't give me a free summons

Just did the VIP and I didn’t get the free summons token

The reward isn’t a token. It is an extra free draw from the daily summons.

EDIT: Normally you get one free summons (no token needed) with VIP they double that. If you have already drawn your free summons you’ll get it when it pops up next.


Yes but I didn’t get them

As you can see from my summons portal it didn’t give me any

You probably already collected today’s free summons. Check it tomorrow, or later today when it comes up.

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I just did the VIP draw the next one is in 23 hours

The extra summons is not through the VIP draw that pops up on the dragon’s nest. It is simply a doubling of your free daily summons that shows as an indicator on the summons portal button in the upper right corner.


According to the countdown on your summons portal you could have collected your daily summons any time in the last 4 hours or so


Sorry totally misunderstood
Please close thread @zephyr1


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