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Hello, I’ve been playing this game for almost a year. I noticed now with then recent updates that the timer on the daily feeders from VIP, will only reset when you pull the dailies.
The timer used to start again once they were ready to pull.
This needs to go back to the way it was!


I’ve been playing for 18 months and I always saw the timer reset when I clicked on the summon button. Nothing changed. :thinking:


Since I started playing (Nov. 4, 2018), the timer has always started when you collect the heros. From that time, it is 23 hours until the next free pull.

Perhaps you are thinking of the gems? That time remains the same until your VIP expires

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I had my pulls ready before lunchtimes everyday since I started in may2019, i could collect them any time throughout the day they still be ready at lunchtimes. Now it’s a timer that starts each time I pull em. I see people say it allways was like thid but it was never like that for me, untill recently.

That has never been the way the game worked, at least not since I started in November, 2018.

The free pulls from the summon portal are available 2$ hours after you pull. If you wait until 6pm one day, the next pull will not be available until 5pm the next day.

What @TheAcmeSalesRep says is absolutely correct. Has always been like that. Maybe you always pulled at the same time, so you never noticed before and now just happened to experience it the first time after using your free summons later.

Recent activities only show any items received / consumed with 3* or higher. So except for the rare occasions where you get a 3* star via daily summon, they are not shown. And what do you mean with not adding? Not adding to POV? That must be a bug then. There should be a thread already about that. I saw it, but didn’t look into it yet

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@diesdas I’m out of love again, sorry. I have to wait 9 hours; that doesn’t seem fair! This is a token :yellow_heart:

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i know that problem. recently i reached my limit, too. and since then it happens more often. thought it would reset after a day… but no, only one by one after the 50th like passed the 24h mark

No I am serious, timer been fixed for almost a year on my acclunt, only recently it started the timer after I pulled them out. I have grinded for a year and I would definitively have taken the advantage of the 23h draft from start, this is completely new for me.

In that case you had a bug for almost a year that finally got fixed. Believe me, you’d be the only one who had it working that way. Cause that would mean you could save up your free summons and collect them all at once after a month or so. There were people even demanding that, so it would be easier to complete the POV summon challenge.

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Single-user bugs can happen…but they are crazy rare!

Should have been changed.

I usually pulled my feeders every late afternoon or early evening depending on my shifts. Since V28 the time went around like crazy. That’s not okay imo, since you paid for it. Those summons don’t need to accumulate, but now it’s too much.


I’d like a stuff response @Petri, cause I’m not 100% sure, but the times for those summons never shifted around like during the last weeks.

I have been playing for a year and a half.

There is no change.

VIP or not, it was already like that to begin with.

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I’ve been playing over 2 years (android), it has always been a 23hr timer. There was a time when the remaining time was on the main screen, but that didn’t last long.

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do you have any tokens available? I think if you dont have any free pulls available (tokens, coins, etc.), then it shows the time till free summon become available. otherwise, it should the number of available free pulls.

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Yes I have tokens. It shows the countdown until it’s available, then it doesn’t show it. I just keep an eye on how many summons are free, if it goes up by 2, daily summons are available.

No, I had to collect them before the next one was ready. Or I would loose it.

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