VIP class emblem

Is an emblem a day likely to persuade someone to get vip that wasn’t already going to? I mean I doubt it. Not turning it down mind you but…

Might keep someone that had already maxed their domain to keep it without needing the Builder?


So it got me, kinda, actually that holiday deal got me to try it, I kinda liked it even though I am lvl 20 everything, but it gave me the nudge to do it given we know new buildings are coming…it’s still a sweet deal without the emblem and not needing the 2nd builder.

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Thank you for reminding me to start VIP again for the emblem. That will come in handy.

It’s currently accounting for 3.5% of the “non SG gift” emblems I’ve gotten. So it’d say it’s definitely helpful. Would I do it just for the emblems? No. But the emblems and gems and loot tickets together are very nice.

365 emblems is almost 25% of the number needed to class up a 5*. So it’s a big lift.

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I already felt it was a good value given all the things you get from it…….and I was pleased to see them add that in without increasing the price…….thanks SG! :grinning:

unless u get all the same class emblem otherwise it’s 2.5% lol. Still takes about 2-3yrs :smiley:

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