VIP ascension items package

A frequent concern I hear is with the difficulty players have in obtaining four stars ascension items. Many higher level players have an abundance of ascension items but mid to lower level players find it difficult to obtain them. Why not offer a VIP package with a 30 or 365 day option similar to the gem package? When a player checks in seven days in a row, on that seventh day they will receive a random ascension item. That way players are guaranteed to receive 52 ascension items in one calendar year. There has to be a high chance to get four star items to make the package worth the investment. Getting an item every seven days will motivate players to check in daily. Players will be able to ascend more heroes and in turn will likely want to play more or invest in leveling them. Any players who feel they have enough four star ascension items would not need to purchase the VIP package but I have a feeling those players might be in the minority.

Good Idea, it will be like calendar

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I could get behind this idea only if the vip for ascension items was purchased through gems instead of cash.

Yeah people could just buy gems to get the offer so it would still be easier to pay 2 win… However by making this offer available for gems it wouldn’t be impossible for free 2 play customers to gain the same advantage.

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