VIP all buildings upgraded

I have VIP for a year.
As I understand, there is a second builder included in this VIP package.
But I have all buildings upgraded.
Can this be replaced by something else?

I also have all buildings at level 20 so any food or iron that I get says building full and I don’t get anything. What can be done to correct this issue?

Spend on battle items

That you can spend it on battle items or on training and upgrading/ascending heroes.
I am talking here about a VIP package that I bought and it says it includes a second builder. Well, that’s limited by the game itself (I already have all buildings up to L20). So I consider that not even included in my package and I feel like I was ripped off of something. They need to compensate that, it was not a LOOT box, it was not “maybe”, it says it includes the second builder.
For me it does not.
I want something.
Give me 1 iron per day. Just 1. I don’t care. But give me something instead.

My base is almost completely maxed out too.

VIP is still worth it for the gems, but it would be nice if once all of your buildings were maxed that there was something additional to get from VIP. It would also give people incentive to hold onto VIP longer. A lot of my alliance members stopped subscribing to VIP once they leveled up enough of the buildings that they wanted (farms, one or two training camps, a forge, etc.)

Maybe an increase in daily gems to 35 or 40, or more loot tickets, etc?

As I said, this is not something that says “1% chances to get a second builder”.
This is included in the price.
For me is not.

Yes nidls is Wright. We Need something Else. My buildings are Level 20 too. Cant use the Second Builder and dont know what to do with my Iron. Is always full.

I’d like VIP to come with two extra team slots.


Or have some means to convert iron to food, don’t ask me how.

The movie Gravity broke almost every law in physics in that movie, … and everyone thought it was a great movie!

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Agreed. No need to keep swapping heroes. The worst is that when raiding I forgot to swap heroes and used the same heroes for another raid. :joy:

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You cant use iron to buy anything. You need to be able to convert one or two Farms to iron and food storage. That woukd make the most sense

This is an odd thread. Something else after buildings maxed? The whole vip is second builder and gems as a bonus, so just do not renew it. Those who bought for a year get the gems, as no one in right mind would think it would take a year to max buildings. Do anyone here, in real life, buy a kilogram of beef, then eat as much as possible, demand the butcher give you something extra because there was so much leftover?

1 year VIP … well this is
900gems x12
Damm mate this is so many gems to earn!

Happened to me yesterday… Did 3 raids like that. When I started one, I was like “fack, forgot to change team, too late now…” & I did it again 2 times after. Fml

If the butcher realizes that he’s not selling as much product because demand has dried up, maybe he’ll consider selling an enhanced product line.

My alt dropped VIP after TC20s came on line. The gem price is good but not the best for $5/month. The second builder was probably the biggest selling point of VIP, so once that’s not useful, how will SG still keep that revenue flow?

I was surprised that VIP didn’t get a couple free extra team slots as part of the new team slot mechanics.


There could be two packages.
One with second builder and one with extra teams. or more tickets, I do not know, anything for this people to stop complaining … kkkkk
I am also with my constructions to the maximum. However, I will know that VIP is how to build. But I will not bother with it, because after a while, you will know that you will be buying, just for the gems.

if they are having problems because the package has the constructor. just let it go. or think of the gems.
a 3 pass increase to 10 or 15 would be better than a second builder.

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Same boat nothing left to build so I let the VIP expire. I really wish the would release new buildings and or if no builders are active at reward you got something else in exchange.

Yes the gems are still worth it but to me with everything maxed it’s not as valuable as Simone that can utilize the full perks. So yea my sad dragon is gone.

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