💂 Violet Potts - 5* Dark / Purple from Garrison Guards

Super excited. I tested her in Beta as a support on left wing but I don’t think that is the best place for her. Flank or tank is where the money is for Violet.

Priority dispel without receiving damage and buff blocker to all is an amazing skill to have. She is basically Timius without doing the damage to three, but dispelling/blocking all. For sure she will be very useful and will age really well compared to a primary damage dealer hero. A great tool in anybody’s toolbox. I’m excited to add her to my roster, but unfortunately I have Hunter and Diaochan ahead of her so she will sit for a while. Will do more testing when I can.


It likely only means that it can dispel buffs that trigger consequenses on early dispel.

Sodge does not deal damage. Nothing to be safe about.

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I would rather an ability that temp disables ALL secondary abilities that show up in the bottom left corner of the image on a card. Thus, disabled core ability, disabled minion blocker ability, disabled innate poison resistance ability, etc.

Doling that type of block out piecemeal is bleh, and I would not bother pulling for it.

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On other dispel effect is the mana gen up from grimsteel.
Gives 10% mana on removal



#NoSpend until things get back to manageable rates


Congrats on becoming ftp!!! Because your request will NEVER happen…

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Continuing… I’d got as far as thinking about possible purchases, but SG/Take Two’s behaviour has put me off.

Violet Pott(er) would have been a great tower of magic hero, but that might have meant a re-release of magic troops. :sweat_smile:

Violet potts…more like violent Potts. That’s what my autocorrect did before :rofl:

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Like Teddy, she’s a card with a 5* stats trapped in a 3* art.


I’m wondering the same thing. Would be so much better if it was safe cleanse. I can’t think of one hero that I need a safe debuff for. Just pulled her so I’d really like to know.

Not as bad as toons, but she looks so cartoony

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Yeah, it’s not really a big deal. There isn’t a lot of buffs in this meta that threatens a lot offensively. If it bypasses taunt and dispels everything anyways, or also dispels through dodge regardless, then it’s a dispel that’s worth it.

There’s… a few? But even if they don’t come up much or don’t matter much currently…

(1) Future-proofing against some new Astral Slime Elf Operatic Construct that ends the world when dispelled :crazy_face:

(2) Violet still throws priority dispel and buffblock to all while summoning a minion that can finish off some fights all by itself.

Oh yeah, and at max power, statwise she does a little dance on Darkfeather’s face (about +150 power bigger when both are at max power), which is no small feat for two heroes nine months apart from the same portal.

Just… you know… don’t pay attention to whatever the same portal is vomiting out six months from now :stuck_out_tongue: