🤺 Villiers – 4* Nature / Green from Brave Musketeers

I’m interested to see if the regenerate health buff improves his usefulness. It seems too little but I’m going to put him back in play for a while.

I just finished leveling my villiers… But I’m low on emblems… And I’m low on aethers, so he’ll have to wait until after Arco is done… But I’m excited to see if he is really useful or not.

Took 3 friendly flags, but i can able to set villiers off on ludwig. I see his potential benefit… But man… He hits like a feather.

“Hits like a feather”.

Yep. That’s what kept me from using him more often after I first leveled him. Characters who don’t cause significant damage really need to hang around or at least survive until you can get them help (healers) to be most effective.

If he’s going to hit like a feather, at least have him be AOE fiends


I think he’s going to be one of those synergy heroes that you don’t think annoy four months/years and then suddenly he is outstanding… Just have to wait now.


I have updated the hero card with the latest changes.

I’m trying villiers with this team… Motega for quick minions/health which pairs well with Arco who pairs well with pengi… Villiers… Is there… Feels like i could have better at that coveted Ludwig buddy spot… But it is a work in progress.


Why not Pengi instead of Villiers?

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I think i want to get s feel for how capable the steal fiends are… They aren’t that beefy… I hate when healers wipe them out… But… I like villiers so far. I’ve won several wars of attrition battles with him… I do wish he hit harder.


2puttshaqur, i have him and am not sure whether he’s worth levelling. What’s your opinion of him?

Btw, im using Ludwig usually with a healer (lotl is great) and Alfrike usually. Works well.

I think… He’ll have a place on very fast wars versus ludwig tanks with a second option like malosi or maybe a costume sabina or similar. Then i can spam tiles into the tank and likely charge my other 3 heroes. I think i can manage a 90% win rate doing that.


2puttshaqur, thanks! That would make him a very useful hero. I’ll level him now.