Villains family bonus bug?

I’ve noticed that sometimes when the villains family bonus procs, it does not heal the hero, displaying a 0 instead. Is this a bug?


Also mentioned in this topic, but no replies there:


The family bonus is not a guaranteed heal…
The card says 15% chance… image

I know it’s a 15% chance. When the chance procs and shows the “villains” symbol, it heals 30% of damage dealt. In this instance it procs, but does not heal anything


My guess is that last tile activate family bonus and when it hit enemy that enemy was already dead because of earlier tiles which didn’t triger family bonus.


I think this might be the correct answer. Would appreciate if a dev could confirm though.

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Well, someone in my alliance did a vid on attacking me, and Dark Lord procs family bonus with a 0?

Fiend absorb healed health and survived so there was no healing left for Dark Lord

It works the same with any healing

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Thanks, didn’t catch that! All good then

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