Villain Family should be broken up. New families made

The members of the so-called villains family should be broken up and reassigned elsewhere because they are, well, different people from different families.

Walking hand in hand with this topic is the topic of creating new families and having the obsolete season 1 Heroes adopted into either the new or pre-existing families.

There should be a massive family of the undead for example that are not vampires, but instead consist other foul creatures that lurk in graveyards. I do admit that the major downside is that 99% of all undead in this game are purple, but I have seen unnamed holy skeletons. I know there is a water vampire, but she is already part of the official vampire family.

Of the obsolete season 1 Heroes, there are at least two dwarves, both of them are ice, and it would have been four different dwarves had it not been for the stupid costume idea. But the point is, I think they should be adopted into one of the two Season 3 dwarf families.

I’ve said this plenty of times before and I will say it again.

The season 1 Heroes should be adopted into the current existing families or have new families made and they be adopted into what is appropriate.

We have just begun a new season that is obviously based on ancient Egyptian lore, and I know for a fact that there are several season 1 Heroes that are obviously Africa-based.

I’m not good with names and so I can only describe them. The one I am thinking of is three stars and us of the holy element, and she provides a defense boost as well as a sharing of the damage special ability. If I recall correctly her clothing is very Egyptian style.

The other African characters are dressed up like Zulus and so I think there should be a Zulu family created to accommodate them. Or if the Zulu family already exists and is part of this new season 5, then these Heroes should be adopted into it.