Villagers have become rude

Villagers no longer wave when I “greet” them. Now, they just look at me and stare for a moment, with a blank face, then go about their business. What’s up with that?


Halloween zombies! :woman_zombie: :man_zombie: :zombie:


There is no new contruction in the kingdom so they are bored to death. We should add a pub to rise their spirits.


Perhaps they’re wondering around thinking, dam Dawa again oh ffs!


by which you mean “prod with finger”
They were always going to get fed up at some point lol


Dawa is at least a decent 3 Star. I must have gotten Bane 10 times this week alone. And I didn’t use him when 3 stars were the top of my roster.

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Lol I prefer Bane 20chars


Lately I have been using Bee man for my yellow slot on 3 star battles, but Dawa is there just incase. I still don’t fully know what Bane does except die before he fires when I face him.

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Yeah Bee man is good. I occasionally see Bane but can’t remember seeing Dawa recently.

I use costume mermaid a lot too. Sweet honey!

Oh and Poppy is fantastic as is Pixie, proves the point, Dawa and Bane are soooo outdated.

She was on my main team back in the day. then I got the 4 Star Panda man so my main yellow slot went to him and she was reserved for 3 star. Then Beeman came in to take the 3 star. And Joon came in, like 12 times, so Panda man is also sitting there.

Yeah they’re only used in the tournies and challenge events now

Yep. of course that Scoratek (or however its spelled) makes the 4 star roster for me. He even smacks that Titan pretty hard.

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or would u prefer them to point you the finger… :crazy_face:

I would like to know more about this one. Are you enjoying with this one?

he works. Good against Riposte folks if you can get him to shoot off first

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